Don't let Andrew Vorhees, Brett Neilon overshadow third excellent USC Football IOL

Lincoln Riley, USC Football, USC Trojans
Lincoln Riley, USC Football, USC Trojans / Jayne Kamin-Oncea/GettyImages

Everyone knows that USC football's stud LT/LG Andrew Vorhees only allowed one sack last season and was the only offensive lineman in college football to post BOTH a 90+ pass-blocking PFF grade and a 90+ run-blocking PFF grade.

Everyone also knows that USC football's fantastic Center Brett Neilon went 534 snaps last year without allowing a sack (most out of any Power 5 center), and was the fourth-highest graded center in the country by PFF. One interior lineman USC has that's also nasty, however, is USC's starting RG Justin Dedich.

During Spring Break this year, Dedich was seen pulling a semi-truck with his own body. No, that's not an exaggeration. Read about it at this link here. He has ridiculous strength that he can't wait to put on display in 2022. The craziest part about it, though, is that Dedich already put plenty of strength on display in the past.

Justin Dedich has been a bully on USC football's offensive line.

USC football's top Right Guard, Justin Dedich, was the third-highest graded guard in the Pac-12 last year. The best part? Guard isn't even his only position. Just like how Vorhees can switch between Left Tackle and Left Guard seamlessly, Dedich can swap between Right Guard and Center seamlessly.

Seriously--not only has he played center for USC but he was also the No. 2(!) center in America for the 2018 recruiting class. So, Dedich has not only put on lots of strength, but he was already a monster. Check out this video below, where he's just REPPING what appears to be at least 405 pounds on his back:

So, not only could he already hit at least 405 on squats very easily, but two months later he even revealed he could CARRY A SEMI-TRUCK with nothing but his own body...Anyone who already thought Dedich was a ridiculously strong athlete was correct, and now he's even stronger.

Why bring this up now? Because PFF has taken notice yet again. They recently listed their interior offensive lineman rankings, and Dedich was listed at No. 22. So, not only did USC have the No. 1 IOL in Vorhees, and the No. 9 IOL in Neilon, but they also have another standout giant in Dedich.

Clearly, this goes to show that if USC doesn't have the best interior offensive line trio in all of football, they're quite close. In fact, another sign that Dedich is going to get better other than the footage of his superhuman strength, is that he received rave reviews in spring camp.

USC returns four starters from last year's No. 1-rated offensive line in college football by PFF, and the one spot they have open was filled by ACC Honorable Mention Bobby Haskins.

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All of these guys are experienced and proven, and PFF knows that it's not just Vorhees and Neilon in the interior, but also Dedich who is certainly no exception heading into 2022.