Mammoth USC Offensive Lineman spends spring break pulling a semi-truck (literally)

Justin Dedich, USC Football
Justin Dedich, USC Football / Christian Petersen/GettyImages

We all knew how strong USC football Interior O-Lineman Justin Dedich is. We remember the videos from the USC weight room of him squatting the weight of everyone reading this combined. I don't even consider him a human. That may sound bizarre, but I've actually been proven correct over spring break:

Like, he's actually doing this. I don't think there are many humans in the history of the earth who have ever done this. Therefore, I really don't know that he should be classified as a human. If SC can get the play from Dedich that they got last year in 2022, then they're already going to be very happy.

Somehow, however, they're going to be even happier. As great as Dedich was last season, if you would have asked me whether Dedich could pull a semi-truck or not, I would have said that he couldn't. Again, normal people can't really do that. Dedich, however, has clearly developed into something that is very NOT normal.

Justin Dedich is going to have a monster season for USC football next year.

Justin Dedich has certainly lived up to the hype since coming to USC. He's not even playing the position he was supposed to (Center), and still playing well. The No. 2 center recruit in his class (247Sports) has proven to be versatile.

USC's O-Line was the highest-graded offensive line in the country by PFF last year, and the only linemen on the Trojans rated ahead of him by PFF were Andrew Vorhees (who has turned into one of the best offensive linemen in America) and Brett Neilon--who didn't allow a single sack all year in 534 snaps (most snaps by a Power 5 center without allowing a sack according to PFF).

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Dedich is clearly ready for spring ball, which starts on Tuesday. He will be a key component on what is one of the most underrated offensive lines in the country, providing brute strength in addition to strong performance and valuable experience.