PFF obliterates narrative that USC football can't develop O-linemen with new ranking

USC Football, USC Trojans, Andrew Vorhees, Brett Neilon
USC Football, USC Trojans, Andrew Vorhees, Brett Neilon / Sean M. Haffey/GettyImages

PFF's Anthony Treash was tasked with ranking his top 10 interior offensive linemen in all of college football, and it looks like he really loves this edition of the USC Trojans offensive line.

He lists returning USC starting center Brett Neilon as the No. 9 interior O-lineman in football, and returning USC starting left guard Andrew Vorhees as the No. 1 interior O-lineman in football. This is incredibly high praise for an O-Line that is considered by other teams' fans as a massive liability on this 2022 USC team.

It never made sense, as USC had the highest PFF rating out of any O-Line in the country last year, but other fans insist that USC actually had the worst offensive line the world had ever seen.

To return four starters from that No. 1 rated line this year is huge, and Vorhees and Neilon leading the way shows SC's group is most certainly in good hands. Besides, the one spot they have open is being filled by an ACC Honorable Mention in Bobby Haskins. The beef up front is going to be just fine.

Andrew Vorhees and Brett Neilon are both entering their sixth years with USC football.

Andrew Vorhees and Brett Neilon combined to allow just ONE sack all 2021 for USC football. There's no better Center-Left Guard duo in football than the two of them. They truly do work perfectly together.

Vorhees was also just as good last year as the Trojans' left tackle. His versatility in constantly moving from left guard to left tackle last season proved even another level of value that he brings to the squad. He was the only O-lineman in the entire NCAA last year to have both a 90+ pass-blocking AND 90+ run-blocking PFF grade.

As for Neilon, he was not only the highest-graded Center in the Pac-12 last season, but was also in the top four nationally. Expecting him to not be on this list would be ludicrous. Both have been absolute gems from SC's 2017 recruiting class.

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This is more unfortunate news for the people who think that SC can't develop linemen. It was odd to think that in the first place, however, considering USC has had linemen drafted in the first round of two of the last three NFL Drafts. Clearly, they're on pace to add to that in this next draft coming up.