USC Trojans QB Caleb Williams is as great off the field as he is on it

Caleb Williams, USC Football, USC Trojans
Caleb Williams, USC Football, USC Trojans / Stan Szeto-USA TODAY Sports

USC Football QB Caleb Williams made headlines this past winter/spring when he gifted the USC Women's Basketball team free Beats headphones, as the quarterback used his Beats NIL deal to give back to fellow student-athletes on campus.

Then, Williams made headlines again when he gifted the USC Men's Basketball team free Beats headphones before they took off for the NCAA Tournament. He wasn't gifting these headphones just to his friends and/or his teammates, but other student-athletes on campus.

Sure, he eventually did give his teammates all free Beats, too, but the others who he didn't even know (at least likely nowhere near as well as his teammates) were thought of first. He was in it for the entire Trojan family, and not just those close to him. He was clearly a Trojan through and through, from the start.

What hadn't received headlines, however, was what he had been doing behind closed doors. Starting USC Wide Receiver Brenden Rice recently revealed to Andy Wittry of On3 that Williams gave back to more than just the athletes on campus.

“It’s not only the teammates but as well as the staff,” said Rice. “That was the big part of it. I saw him give back to the staff. I saw him go ahead and give a pair of Beats to custodians and saying, ‘Thank you for your work. Thank you for your service,’ and stuff like that."

USC Football QB Caleb Williams continues to be the most grounded player in college football.

USC football's new Quarterback Caleb Williams continues to shatter this narrative that NIL is bad for the sport. People complain about how NIL is making the focus of college sports about the individual players and their wealth, and not teaching them the right values that are 'supposed to' come with college sports.

Those were obviously ridiculous claims, of course. These players don't deserve to put as much work and revenue into the sport without receiving their due as well. But the best part is that even if those anti-NIL peoples' opinions mattered, Williams continues to just absolutely destroy all of their claims. This is a kid who's using his wealth and opportunity to give back to others.

Clearly, Williams is learning quite a few values from his NIL experiences. Also, anti-NIL bafoons cried about how other players are going to see their more fortunate teammates in terms of NIL value making more than them, and that these dynamics would divide locker rooms.

Williams again deifies all of that false logic. Rice continued on about Williams giving back to staff, and how that impacts his perspective on playing with him.

“That takes a big perspective towards me and showing me that, like, ‘OK, this guy is a dude that I would fight alongside when we’re on that football field,'” said Rice.

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Williams is not only an anti-bullying advocate, a suicide prevention advocate, and a great football player. He's a humble superstar who doesn't forget the community that surrounds and supports him. Williams is in it for a lot more than just himself, and a lot more than himself on the field. Ironically, it even benefits him on the field, with him proving how strong of a leader he is to his teammates.