USC QB Caleb Williams uses NIL deal to prove he's the most selfless player in CFB

Caleb Williams, USC Football, USC Trojans
Caleb Williams, USC Football, USC Trojans / Kirby Lee-USA TODAY Sports

Caleb Williams recently used his Beats NIL deal to give his USC football teammates all gifts that they will never forget after the last spring practice (that wasn't the spring game). He gave them all Beats headphones as well as Beats earbuds to go along with them:

Williams had given both the women's and men's basketball teams Beats in his brief time on campus so far, and he had to make sure he remembered his teammates too. But it's not about watching his teammates go crazy on Instagram. That much everyone would have expected.

It's about how Williams continues to prove how much he cares specifically about the Trojan family around him. When inking all these NIL deals for millions and millions of dollars, it's always a huge plus for the person signing them. Williams, however, can't seem to stop using this money for the good of his Trojan brothers and sisters.

New USC Football QB Caleb Williams is easily the most selfless player in college football.

When Caleb Williams headed over to the USC football program, there were some critics from the Oklahoma fanbase that decided he only transferred because he was all in it for himself. Clearly, Williams has absolutely shattered those accusations, and now he's done it repeatedly.

How often are players seen spending their NIL deal perks on their teammates? Well, never. And how often are players seen spending their NIL deal perks on players of OTHER sports teams? Again, never.

The reviews from Williams' teammates and coaches have all been rave--he's a great player and leader for this program. He may average over nine yards a pass and 5.6 yards a carry, but he's clearly a lot more than just a terrific quarterback. The human aspect of Williams is exactly what any coach and locker room could hope for in a QB.

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His teammates have embraced the top three QB in college football, and watching this team in the spring game the next day confirmed that his guys certainly do have quite a bit of chemistry with him already.