USC Football's Caleb Williams delivers important suicide awareness PSA

Caleb Williams, USC Football, USC Trojans
Caleb Williams, USC Football, USC Trojans / Kirby Lee-USA TODAY Sports

USC Football QB Caleb Williams is more than just a Heisman contender. He's a USC student. He's an anti-bullying advocate. And now, he's a suicide awareness spokesman. This past week, Williams got together with USC Annenberg to put together a suicide awareness PSA. It's part of his 'Seize the Awkward' campaign. Here's the PSA:

This was an important message for Williams to deliver. He talks about how there's a huge spotlight and image that follows him, but when those lights turn off and he steps off of the grass on Saturday night, there's a side effect that takes place. That's of course the pressure he talks about.

But it's not just that he pointed out that pressure exists, but rather how he acknowledges that it can be overcome.

"Pressure doesn't have to be carried alone. What if we came together as a team," said Williams.

Star USC Football QB Caleb Williams couldn't be more right in that PSA.

Caleb Williams and the other USC students who spoke in the PSA hit the nail on the head when it comes to being able to talk with other people about their mental health. The way that he talked about his support system goes to show that it's important that everybody does what they can to provide that type of system for the people close to them as well.

If everybody's in it together, then the pressure can be minimized to where it's manageable for all. The only way for things to get to this point, however, is for people to be spreading these messages consistently. Williams is most certainly leading a strong and important charge, and it's outstanding to see him advocating for improvement within a serious issue like this.

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The more prominent figures can relay this message to everyone else, the higher of a chance that a difference is made in the battle against suicide. That seems to be what Williams is trying to do. He's trying to Seize the Awkward, truly, and use his platform for the very best. Not only is Williams a superstar on the field, but he's quite a class act and important leader off of it as well.