Skip Bayless rants against 'Stinkin Lincoln,' urges Caleb Williams to pick USC rivals

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Like many other Oklahoma fans, Skip Bayless is still very angry at Lincoln Riley for going to the USC football program instead of staying at OU.

He has been very upset about it over this past month and a half, and he didn't hold back at all this time. In a Twitter rant after Jaxson Dart entered the transfer portal, and seemingly signaled for Caleb Williams to take his talents to USC, Skip Bayless went off on Riley and SC football:

It was already looking like Williams was headed to SC over the weekend, and Dart's transfer feels like it does all but sew it up. One of the most famous OU diehards out there, Bayless sent out one last call for help on Monday.

Skip Bayless' criticism of new USC football Head Coach Lincoln Riley is delusional.

Skip Bayless calls Lincoln Riley "Stinkin' Lincoln," when Riley is the one who took over Skip's team and turned them from a program who never made the College Football Playoff and IMMEDIATELY made three straight College Football Playoffs. He developed back-to-back Heisman winners in his first two years at OU, after the Sooners hadn't even had one since 2008. Riley gave Bayless TWO in his first TWO years.

Sounds like Riley doesn't stink, right? And it doesn't even stop there.

Riley not ONCE had more than two losses in a season, and that's even with his teams earning TWO extra games on their schedules every year due to him not only making four straight NY6 Bowls and an Alamo Bowl in 2020, but also going to FOUR straight Big 12 Championships from 2017 to 2020. The crazy thing about it? Riley won Skip ALL FOUR of those Big 12 titles.

I have no idea what Skip's talking about, but unfortunately I've heard this before. Bayless has complained about Riley before on his FS1 show, "Skip and Shannon: Undisputed" when Riley left for Los Angeles.

At the end of his tweet, where he states that "Venables will provide (Williams) a real D" is funny because the defense at OU under Riley allowed the least amount of yards per game in the Big 12 (390.8) this year. Deciding that Riley teams can't have good defenses is a very suspect take.

Riley led Oklahoma to four straight top seven finishes in his first four years, and still left OU with a 10-2 2021 record while being ranked 16th. I think he's a pretty great coach, and Williams obviously agrees with me considering he even admitted that he'd walk-on for him.

But Skip on the other hand believes he should join SC's rivals, or stay with his team.

He should go play for Chip Kelly, who's on the hot seat? He should go play for Marcus Freeman, who's never been a head coach, and just choked a dominant Fiesta Bowl lead in hilarious fashion?

He should stay at OU, and play for the coach who wasn't the one that signed him and who also is a first-year head coach? I like Brent Venables, but like Freeman, he's a defense-only guy. The two of them have no experience coaching offense at all, and Riley coaches what's considered by most to be the best offensive system in the country, and especially for quarterbacks.

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It's why all five of Riley's QBs at OU have been in the Heisman conversation, and two of them have brought it home. Riley, paired with a school with seven Heisman trophies in USC (no program has more), is a dream situation for Williams. Bayless' attempts to sway Williams is an embarrassing look for the long-time television host.