Top USC football insider drops bomb on Caleb Williams-USC Trojans rumors

Dec 29, 2021; San Antonio, Texas, USA; Oklahoma Sooners quarterback Caleb Williams may be on his way to the USC football program.
Dec 29, 2021; San Antonio, Texas, USA; Oklahoma Sooners quarterback Caleb Williams may be on his way to the USC football program. / Kirby Lee-USA TODAY Sports

Scott Schrader, the publisher and head analyst at has reported that star transfer QB Caleb Williams is planning on taking a visit to the USC football program very soon, and perhaps this weekend.

The fact that Schrader, a trusted Trojan football insider, is saying this is huge. Schrader has called many big recruiting signings to the SC football program, and his word is always reliable.

Williams was originally being predicted to head to SC, but some of that hype has unfortunately died down as of late. Williams taking a visit soon, however, clearly puts USC right back in the thick of things as it pertains to securing a transfer from the special quarterback.

USC football has a good chance of landing Caleb Williams now that he looks to be on his way to visit.

This is because if Caleb Williams visits, he'll be sure to see all the benefits and clear advantage to the USC football program that the other programs in contention don't have.

He'll see the six Heisman trophies, and remember the seventh Heisman that Reggie Bush won back in 2005. No other program in contention for Williams can top that. The only program who has the amount of Heismans SC has who is contending for Williams is Oklahoma, and now the coach who got them to that level in Lincoln Riley will be persuading Williams to follow him to his new coaching job at USC.

Riley had so much success with Williams last year, leading him to a year where he averaged nine yards per pass attempt, as well as 5.6 yards per carry with 27 total touchdowns and just four picks as a freshman. There's no way he can talk with Riley again, the coach he admitted he'd walk-on for, and not want to join him in his new adventure with a top two college football program.

No other school in contention has the titles to even compete with SC's 11 National Championships, and they certainly don't have the QB resume that SC has. Williams' father made it clear that the most important factor going into Caleb's portal decision is going to come down to who can best prepare him for the NFL.

Well, excluding Kedon Slovis and JT Daniels who simply haven't come out for the draft yet, SC has had all seven of their past seven starting quarterbacks get drafted. FOUR of them have gone in the top ten as well. Heck, even one of our backups got drafted in addition to our last seven starters and he was a Pro Bowler and took his team to the playoffs.

The only threat to SC as a QB program was Riley, who is now our Head Coach. Pairing the best QB factory in football history with a coach who had all three of his starting QBs in college drafted in the first two rounds is something that USC will boast to Williams and leave him with no choice.

One thing that the above tweet referenced was the potential for all the NIL money Williams could cash in on if he came to SC. The tweet mistakenly wrote that he could "receive significant NIL money from the Trojans."

The schools do not offer NIL money of course, but the tweet is correct in the sense that Williams would net quite a bit of NIL money if he went to USC. It just of course wouldn't be from the school, but rather the business that chooses to pay Williams for representing them in whatever way. And LA is a major market that none of the other teams competing for Williams can match, which could indeed mean that Williams could make quite a lot of money if he came to SC.

I wouldn't be surprised. He's the most sought after transfer maybe ever, and is widely expected to be the most exciting quarterback in college football heading into next season. If he signs with SC, he'll be under the brightest spotlight in college football; being in the second-biggest market in the country (and the biggest as far as college football is concerned).

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Living in LA is great, and playing college football there has to be better. There's only one LA football program worth playing for, and Williams will quickly see what I'm talking about.