USC QB Caleb Williams crushes NIL world yet again with another groundbreaking deal

Nov 20, 2021; Norman, Oklahoma, USA;  Caleb Williams, USC football
Nov 20, 2021; Norman, Oklahoma, USA; Caleb Williams, USC football / Kevin Jairaj-USA TODAY Sports

New USC QB Caleb Williams can't lose on the NIL trail.

Not only has he already scored major deals such as an exciting deal with Beats By Dre, but he's also scored some unique deals that aren't too common among college football players. One of them was with a grooming company called Faculty, and he's now getting in on another deal that may be surprising, but is going to be a major money-maker for the incoming sophomore.

The USC football star has signed a deal with a real estate private equity fund. Hawkins Way Capital is a real estate private equity fund based in Beverly Hills, and they brought in Williams to be introduced to the real estate world and hopefully partner on future investment opportunities. Caleb is going to be set to use his chances to make great NIL money to get started on future business moves in the real estate world.

This could have a massive impact on his ability to stretch the money he's already going to be making into something even greater with new real estate projects. This company appears to really care about Williams as a person, as while they can certainly end up benefitting from the Heisman-contending quarterback representing them in the present, they are focused on helping Williams as a person and potential staple in real estate:

"'We’re taking a bet with Caleb and hopefully he crushes it and a lot of good can come from that,' Walker said. 'But we legitimately want him to learn and to provide him opportunities. We bring a lot of real estate investments, but we can also be a sounding board for him. He can talk to us. We can give him objective advice. It’s really an investment in this kid.'"

Ross Walker, Hawkins Way Capital

The details for the deal with USC QB Caleb Williams have not been completely laid out just yet.

It has been found that USC football QB Caleb Williams will be receiving yearly compensation from the company, though. That much we know.

Working together is going to be crucial for both parties. It's really an investment in Williams, who is hoping to learn a lot about how to succeed in this world of business while partnering with Hawkins Way Capital.

"'Our plan is to expose him to how our firm operates and how we do business,' Walker said. 'We’ll give him the opportunity to participate in ideas. And also, vice versa, when he gets opportunities presented to him, we can help him understand how to analyze those, and we can participate in those together.'"

Ross Walker, Hawkins Way Capital

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Williams continues to prove that he's a smart kid with a lot of big dreams. He's much more than a football player, and wants to keep working on who he is off the field in addition to who he is on it. It's hard not to root for a kid with as much drive as Williams.