USC Football: Predicting stats for Jordan Addison next season

Jordan Addison, USC Football, USC Trojans
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Jordan Addison is quite the perfect fit for USC football and Lincoln Riley's offense. He's played with a quarterback at Caleb Williams' level before at Pitt, sure. But he's most certainly never played in an offense at Riley's level before.

Riley's spread is considered the best offensive system in the country, and Riley is considered the best offensive coach in America. In fact, even NFL teams went after Riley to be their head coach not only at this age, but even when he was in his mid-30's.

Also, Addison already has chemistry with his QB, as he and Williams grew up together in the D.C.-Maryland-Virginia (DMV) area. With this connection already here, and the offense being so strong of a support system for Addison to thrive in, Addison's stats should be spectacular.

They may, however, look a bit down compared to his 100 catch/1,593 yard/17 TD season he had last year. While the 2021 Biletnikoff winner is surely to be a better receiver now that he's with Riley and is a year older, Riley loves to spread the ball around. He won't have as many receptions as he had last year.

Jordan Addison will have 95 catches for 1,510 yards and 15 touchdown receptions for USC football.

With USC football, Jordan Addison will have less than 100 receptions, but it won't be too much less. Many may question why it won't be 'too much less,' as Riley's best receiver had just 32 catches last season. There are actually two reasons. The first is that--no matter how one tries to slice it--Marvin Mims wasn't Addison.

A head coach can believe in spreading the ball every single play but will always choose to have Addison as a major focus when taking over an offense. Addison was the Biletnikoff winner last season. He's not only elite, but in 2021 he was better than every single receiver that will be returning to college football this year.

Riley is going to make sure Addison is a strong focus. While Mims is very good, he's not at Addison's level. Heck, SC's Mario Williams had more catches than Mims last year. Mims isn't a possession receiver, but mostly a deep threat (22 yards per reception last season).

While Addison is best on deep routes, he runs a more diverse route tree and was used also as a possession wideout last season. That's what makes him so special. He can play two roles in one in an offense. But, many will still wonder why his prediction in this article was dropped just five receptions from where he was in 2021.

One would think there should be more of a drop, but actually, there won't be too many drops this year from Addison. The only hole in Addison's game is the occasional one in his gloves. Addison has dropped double-digit passes in each season. So, while he did grab 100 catches last year, he still left plenty on the table.

Therefore, while the ball will be spread beyond his hands next year with SC, he'll likely be more sure-handed and secure the looks that he does get. He'll be a year older, and Riley is a much better coach than what he had at Pitt. Riley and the staff will work on Addison's hands this offseason. It's the only thing he truly needs to work on.

So, while he's not going to have as many receptions as he did last season, it's not going to be a drastic drop-off because Addison is going to be better in the drop category. As far as the 1,510 yards total goes, it's simple: That's what 95 catches gets Addison.

He'll have a very similar yards per catch to his 15.9 yards per reception last season in this offense that will also be using him as both a possession wideout and strong deep threat. Don't expect his average depth of target to be higher, and he's already terrific after the catch.

His hands is where he'll improve, which shouldn't impact the amount of yards he can bring in per catch all too much. His TD total dropped because of how many options SC will have in the red zone.

Addison hasn't played in an offense that has an elite back like Travis Dye who can both pound the rock AND be a major passing threat. Raleek Brown has a similar skillset out of the backfield too, and Riley loves to get his H-Backs and Tight Ends involved. There will be LOTS of competition for red zone targets.

Besides, SC fans remember Caleb and Mario's connection in the spring game on those fade routes in the corner of the end zone. Riley, Caleb, and Mario have already worked together quite a bit and know how to get the most out of Mario too--and not just Addison. He'll receive plenty of end zone targets as well.

Addison won't see a huge drop-off in his TD numbers, but he likely won't get as many looks with the amount of weapons SC has at their disposal.

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He's going to contend for a second Biletnikoff. Remember, the numbers may see a small dip, but he's going to be a better receiver. SC fans will enjoy their likely one season with Addison in 2022, and be thankful for the services of back-to-back No. 1 WR's in the country in London and Addison.