Caleb Williams breaks silence on how he feels about a Jordan Addison transfer to USC

Caleb Williams, USC Football, USC Trojans
Caleb Williams, USC Football, USC Trojans / Kirby Lee-USA TODAY Sports

Caleb Williams' connection with Jordan Addison is seen to be a big factor in what could potentially be a transfer to the USC football program from Addison. The two are both from the Washington D.C.-Maryland area, and have chemistry.

Many originally speculated that Addison was potentially already on his way to the Trojans at first, though those talks have cooled down recently. Still, however, Williams' prior connection to Addison will keep USC in play for the 2021 Biletnikoff winning wideout.

Williams also finally spoke on the subject, leaking how he truly feels about the possibility of USC landing the superstar Pittsburgh receiver:

Jordan Addison would be the perfect No. 1 wide receiver for Caleb Williams and USC football.

USC football fans have already seen how valuable Caleb Williams' connection with Mario Williams already has been. To be able to have ANOTHER receiver Williams is already comfortable and familiar with, especially when he's the best one in country heading into this upcoming season, would create a dream passing game.

Adding Addison to any passing game would make the quarterback happy. It's not just Caleb. Addison caught 100 balls last year and racked up 1,593 receiving yards while he was at it. Catching 17 touchdown passes, he was sensational. He was solid as a freshman in 2020, but incredible as a sophomore in 2021.

USC has a very nice receiver room heading into 2022, but bringing Addison into the mix could strengthen USC to a point where instead of playing in a bunch of shoot-outs next year, they could get to a point where they're taking commanding leads that other offenses just can't keep up with.

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Still, however, as far as the biggest needs go for SC, O-Line depth, D-Line, and Linebacker trump everything else. SC will take Addison, but unless the trenches and front seven in general improve, Utah will still be the rightful Pac-12 favorite for 2022.