USC football players react to facts about Jordan Addison's NIL situation emerging

Dion Bailey, USC Trojans, USC Football
Dion Bailey, USC Trojans, USC Football / Kirby Lee-USA TODAY Sports

After ESPN's Paolo Uggetti reported that the rumor that Jordan Addison picked USC football for NIL money was false, SC fans understandably laughed at all the USC whiners who cried about this ever since Addison entered the portal.

Uggetti reported that being able to play with Caleb Williams, who Addison had a strong prior relationship with before all of this was a major factor in his decision. He also reported that a source confirmed that "This was more about football than NIL. (Addison) could have gotten more money from schools besides USC."

Not only Trojan fans, but ex-Trojan players took to Twitter to sound off on the USC hate that was proven to be 100% false and delusional after the transfer. First, it was ex-USC Linebacker Dion Bailey who got in on the fun:

Next, it was ex-Trojan Offensive Lineman Jalen McKenzie who sounded off on the weird USC football haters:

Ex-USC football players Dion Bailey and Jalen McKenzie couldn't have said it any better than they did.

What Dion Bailey and Jalen McKenzie said regarding USC football and Jordan Addison hit on some topics that nobody ever should have forgot.

USC has 11 National Championships. That's second all-time. They have seven Heisman Trophies. That's first all-time. They've produced 14 Pro Football Hall of Famers. That's also first all-time.

They just hired the best offensive coach in the game and secured a top three QB in the nation who Addison already has chemistry with. Why exactly would Addison NOT want to play for SC? Also an elite academic institution, there's not a lot that wouldn't appeal to Addison.

Besides, USC just produced the best wideout in college football last year (Drake London was the runaway favorite for the Biletnikoff Award before he went down and out for the season in Game No. 8) who also was the first WR taken in the NFL Draft last month (eighth overall).

That was in the worst year in program history, with a Group of Five level Offensive Coordinator and a defensive head coach who had never even been a coordinator before. Donte Williams has proven to be an excellent defensive backs coach, but he simply just wasn't ready to be a head coach.

Addison simply understands that if SC can churn out a Drake London even when they are at their literal worst in history, imagine what they can do with Lincoln Riley running the show. Common sense screamed for Addison to go to the second-best college football program in history.

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Delusional USC haters who clearly don't know much about football seem to not understand it, but Bailey and McKenzie continued to set the record straight.