USC-hating podcaster goes on four day Twitter rage about Jordan Addison, Trojans

Jordan Addison, USC Football, USC Trojans
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After the rumors of Jordan Addison being interested in transferring to USC football came about, Danny Kanell of the CBS Sports 'Cover 3' podcast was outraged.

This is not surprising, as Kanell was the same podcaster trying to dunk on USC for having a top 10 spring game attendance turnout in the entire nation despite being on a spring Saturday afternoon in LOS ANGELES where there are about a million other things for the fans to do. However, that day, Kanell took his loss, and moved on.

This time, however, he went on for four days after Addison's interest was reported, complaining about college athletes getting paid the money they deserve through their OWN name, image, and likeness. Here's how it all started:

Wow. There is quite a bit wrong with this tweet. First off, we'll start with his very first sentence..."Jordan Addison is most likely going to USC to take the $$$ that USC and Lincoln are bringing to the table." Does he not realize that the school isn't the one that could give Addison NIL money?

He does realize that USC doesn't have an NIL collective, right? Well, unfortunately he obviously doesn't. Stewart Mandel of The Athletic set the record straight out Kanell as well as everyone else who whines about USC:

Kanell was one of the first to be outraged over this, and tried to spread falsehoods about USC. Unfortunately, he lost. It's interesting how, like Mandel said, USC haters like Kanell seemed to have no issue with USC missing out on players to schools who are literally giving out deals. However, Kanell didn't just take his loss this time. He continued.

Danny Kanell continued to dig himself into a deeper hole when discussing Jordan Addison's interest in USC football.

When two-time USC Football National Champion Matt Leinart noticed Danny Kanell's clear bias against USC, he decided to take it a step further and spew his USC hatred even more:

According to Kanell, USC is actually "stealing players from other teams." A player looking for a place where he can get the most money he DESERVES so he doesn't end up in a Justyn Ross situation is actually not that. It's actually USC "stealing players from other teams," apparently. He also claims USC has "always been shady."

Is anyone else rolling on the floor laughing? So because Reggie Bush took money to LEAVE the school (not go to or stay at the school), USC is shady? He's siding with the NCAA on their USC sanctions? That tells you all you need to know.

Where was this energy when players from his region in the country have been known to pay players to GO TO schools since the beginning? It's USC, however, that's apparently "shady." Also, where was this energy when Alabama went on a transfer portal spree earlier this offseason? Well, swing and a miss on his response to that too:

"You guys aren't that special." So USC was "that special" when he had an opportunity to try to rip USC as "shady," but when pressed on it; USC is "not that special." Funny how it all works.

It's also funny how he hasn't acknowledged the fact that Addison knows Caleb Williams well, the fact that Williams is also one of the three best QBs in the country, the fact that SC just hired Lincoln Riley who is widely considered to be the best offensive coach and schemer in America, and the fact that SC has an exponentially bigger tradition of success than Pitt.

Well, actually, he did acknowledge it. Well, he at least acknowledged the first part--yet claims there is absolutely no correlation to the fact that Addison and Williams have a chemistry already:

However, as Leinart said, Kanell seems to be spending a lot of his time "worrying about the good old Trojans." He couldn't get the blueblood, 11-time National Champion out of his mind:

Kanell seems to STILL somehow miss the mark. The point is: Why is THIS the only time when the "latest example of why things need to change" the one that sparks the interest of Kanell and other people whining about it. What about the other "latest examples?" Why were they not brought up like this?

Former standout Trojan Defensive Back Su'a Cravens addressed all the hate coming SC's way, where he took to Twitter to prove this point:

And once again, instead of taking the L and moving on, Kanell decided to continue harping on his hollow points that don't explain why he has such an issue with USC but never had the same issue with other programs:

"Most people who like CFB know CFB is better when USC is good." Finally, I agree with Kanell here! The issue is, it therefore looks like Kanell doesn't like college football.

Because if he did and knows college football is better when USC is good, he wouldn't be deciding that USC is tampering despite quite literally zero evidence of tampering going on. Also, once again, Kanell didn't answer why he didn't mention the 10-12 teams in on Addison, but decided to try to air out a "tampering" USC program.

He finally, however, admitted that USC fans are right to call him out in a following tweet, which was interesting. He followed that up with proving himself wrong about USC even further--highlighting that for "20 years" he remained silent about what the SEC was doing. This wasn't the burn Kanell thought it was:

This rage will likely continue as long as college football players are allowed to simply make the money that they themselves earned like the rest of us. It's a huge problem to Kanell, as well as other USC haters in general, and they use it as an opportunity to decide that it actually means that USC is apparently cheating and breaking the rules.

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Kanell claims to "like college football," yet has a massive issue with college football players getting what they deserve and earned through their own hard work.