Matt Leinart owns CBS Sportscaster when discussing USC football spring game turnout

Matt Leinart, USC Football, USC Trojans
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USC football's spring game was seen as quite the success to almost everyone. ESPN gushed all over the SC program and what they are building. Caleb Williams and Miller Moss led dominant offensive performance, and Tuli Tuipulotu and Korey Foreman showed out on defense.

Again, however, it was NOT seen as quite the success to everyone. It was only seen as an overwhelming success to almost everyone. A small percentage of college football fans and analysts had a HUGE problem with the spring game. Their problem is incredibly laughable.

They take issue with the amount of fans that were in attendance. Now, USC fans are probably very confused as to how one could get upset over the attendance to a random April exhibition game when the freshmen aren't even playing. Somehow, though, some people can't fathom that LA actually has things to do on a beautiful, sunny April afternoon. People in Los Angeles have lives.

To get 31,000 fans in the stands for the spring game, the 10th-highest number in the country, is objectively a fine number for any school and even a better number for a program located in Los Angeles. For what it's worth, it's not quite known whether ANYONE even showed up for the UCLA spring game...

Matt Leinart got into it with CBS Sportscaster Danny Kanell over his ridiculous issue with USC football's spring game.

Matt Leinart's Twitter conversation with Kanell came after Kanell quote-tweeted a picture of the Oklahoma spring crowd, asking to compare it to USC's:

Kanell seems to think that there's just as much to do on a beautiful spring Saturday afternoon in Norman, Oklahoma as Los Angeles, California. With all due respect to Norman, it's incredibly laughable to even think that they shouldn't have a much bigger spring turnout than a school in Los Angeles.

In Norman, there isn't much else to do on a Saturday afternoon other than go to an exhibition college football scrimmage. Again, this is absolutely no shade at Norman at all. I'm not saying that's bad, and I'm not criticizing the city; it's just the reality of that city.

Anyways, Leinart brushed if off; telling Kanell to give USC time to re-build their excitement for the program after the fan base had enough with terrible hiring and executive decisions by the program administration despite constantly swearing things would be different.

Kanell for some reason then decided to reply with a picture of USC's spring game crowd. Again, it is unknown why he thought this was a roast considering SC had a top ten spring game turnout, and the most since spring game attendance had begun being recorded at USC, but he thought he could try dunking on Leinart with it.

Leinart, however, quickly destroyed the ridiculous roast attempt by Kanell, educating him about how little importance spring attendance has, and how the crowd size actually was just fine:

Well, Leinart was certainly right; they did indeed do "alright" when he was at SC. Leinart went to three straight National Championships when he was with the Trojans. Winning two of them, he also won a Heisman Trophy and then saw his starting RB win one the next year--when they fielded two Heisman Trophy winners in the same offense.

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Interestingly, USC played the team from Norman for the National Title in Leinart's second year as the starter there. USC absolutely bludgeoned the Sooners 55-19. Spring attendance championships are fun, but both USC and Oklahoma fans know that National Championships are a whole lot more fun--especially when winning by 36 points like SC did back when they used to get even less of a spring game turnout.