USC Football: Injury report vs. Arizona State

Lincoln Riley, USC Football, USC Trojans
Lincoln Riley, USC Football, USC Trojans / Ali Gradischer/GettyImages

USC Football heads back home this weekend to play Arizona State, a team who is unraveling during a 1-3 season where they already had to fire their head coach (Herm Edwards). Shaun Aguano, who was the Arizona State Running Backs Coach from 2019 through this year, is now the Interim Head Coach.

The tables most certainly have turned, as last year it was USC who was playing against the Sun Devils with an interim head coach. Nowadays, SC has found their guy in Lincoln Riley, and luckily he's working with a mostly healthy roster. That being said, there are several depth players who are still on the injury report for this week.

USC Football Injury Report vs. Arizona State

USC Football Rush End Romello Height: Out Indefinitely

Romello Height is likely out for the season for USC football after he had shoulder surgery last week before Week 4's game.

USC Football Tight End Jude Wolfe: Out Indefinitely

Jude Wolfe needed surgery for a foot injury he sustained this past offseason, so he will likely be out through the rest of USC Football's first half of the season.

USC Football Quarterback Mo Hasan: Out Indefinitely

One of USC Football's backup Quarterbacks, Mo Hasan, has been out since March with a right ruptured Achilles tendon and there is no timetable for when he is expected to be back.

USC Football Defensive Back Briton Allen: Questionable

Briton Allen has missed all four games for USC Football with a knee injury, and he is potentially going to miss their next game as well.

USC Football Wide Receiver Michael Jackson III: Questionable

USC Football's 2021 Wideout Michael Jackson III may be out for a fourth straight week with an undisclosed injury.

USC Football Defensive Back Joshua Jackson Jr.: Questionable

Joshua Jackson Jr. is questionable to play for USC Football this weekend with the same undisclosed injury that's kept him out for three straight games.

USC Football Defensive Back Adonis Otey: Questionable

Adonis Otey has yet to play for USC Football yet this season due to an undisclosed injury, and he's questionable to play this week too.

USC Football Offensive Lineman Jason Rodriguez: Questionable

Jason Rodriguez is another USC Football player who hasn't played this season, and is questionable to play this week again.

USC Football Linebacker Chris Thompson Jr.: Questionable

It remains to be seen whether Chris Thompson Jr. will be playing for USC Football this week, or if he'll be out for the fifth straight week with his undisclosed injury.

USC Football Kicker Garth White: Questionable

Garth White has missed every USC Football game this year too, and is questionable for this one.

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Clearly, most of USC's starters will be playing. The only one who will not be is Height, but it's good to see that nobody else other than he is on the injury report when it comes to the starting lineup. It will be important for SC to get through the game healthy as well, as they look to play Utah with the full squad in a few weeks here.