USC Football: Injury report at Oregon State

Joshua Jackson Jr., USC Football, USC Trojans
Joshua Jackson Jr., USC Football, USC Trojans / Dustin Bradford/GettyImages

USC football is generally healthy right now, but are still battling some injury issues. There are many players on the injury report right now. Thankfully, most of the starters on the team are healthy, but there are still some potential starters and other potential key players who could miss time. Many are questionable as well.

That means there's a lot of uncertainly when it comes to just how healthy everyone is. Still, this article will do its best to highlight who exactly is all injured, and what their status is for Saturday's game against Oregon State.

USC Football Injury Report vs. Fresno State

USC Football Rush End Romello Height: Out Indefinitely

New USC Football Rush End Romello Height just had shoulder surgery and will probably miss the rest of the year. He became injured during Week 2 of this year.

USC Football Tight End Jude Wolfe: Out Indefinitely

Jude Wolfe is out with a foot injury that he needed surgery for, and has missed all three games for USC football so far. He will likely be out until the second half of the season.

USC Football Quarterback Mo Hasan: Out Indefinitely

One of USC football's backup quarterbacks, Mo Hasan, ruptured his right achilles tendon back in March. It is unclear when he will be back this year.

USC Football Kicker Garth White: Questionable

An undisclosed injury has kept USC Football Kicker Garth White out all season, and that may continue this Saturday.

USC Football Defensive Back Adonis Otey: Questionable

Adonis Otey has also missed the first three games of this year with an undisclosed injury, and it remains to be seen if he'll be able to suit up this Saturday.

USC Football Offensive Lineman Jason Rodriguez: Questionable

USC Football's Jason Rodriguez also hasn't been able to go yet this year, and that could continue to happen this Saturday due to his undisclosed injury.

USC Football Defensive Back Chris Thompson Jr.: Questionable

Chris Thompson Jr. is in the same boat as several of his other USC football teammates, to where he has missed the season as a result of an undisclosed injury and may miss Week 4 too.

USC Football Wide Receiver Michael Jackson III: Questionable

It's the same story with USC Football Wideout Michael Jackson III, who is questionable with an undisclosed injury that has kept him out of the first three contests so far.

USC Football Defensive Back Joshua Jackson Jr.: Questionable

It's not clear whether Joshua Jackson Jr. will be back for USC football due to his undisclosed injury that has forced him out of the first three games of the year.

USC Football Cornerback Domani Jackson: Questionable

Domani Jackson was expected to receive meaningful playing time this year for USC football, but a knee injury has prevented him from hitting the field so far. That may continue this week.

USC is in for an intriguing test this Saturday, lining up against a team that is also 3-0 on the year. It will be on the road, in a city that has upset great USC teams before.

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The Beavers have an offense that puts up over 45 points per game, which is 13th in the country. It has the chance to be a shootout, and USC will want to be as healthy as possible for what will be their toughest opponent of the season so far.