Recruiting will come easy to USC Football after Caleb Williams Heisman

Caleb Williams, USC Football, USC Trojans
Caleb Williams, USC Football, USC Trojans / Brad Penner-USA TODAY Sports

USC Football's recruiting pitch before Caleb Williams won the Heisman Trophy was pretty easy, and there were actually quite a few pitches within it as well.

Not only is SC the second-best college football program of all time, with 11 National Championships (second all-time), seven Heisman Trophies (tied for first all-time), and 14 Pro Football Hall of Famers (first all-time), but it also just hired a coach that brought SC from 4-8 to 11-2 in just his first year with the program in Lincoln Riley.

Players who play for SC would also be able to live and study in Los Angeles--where there is quite literally nothing one can't do. But now, it's more than all of this. SC now has added an EIGHTH Heisman Trophy to their resume, which brings them to sole possession of first in Heisman Trophies ever.

That's a huge accomplishment, but there's something bigger than the accomplishment that SC has going for them as they head into next year. That's the reality that Williams will be BACK for another season.

Not only are there all the aforementioned reasons as to why one should want to play for SC, but now they can play with the best player in America, and one who won the Heisman Trophy to prove it.

Caleb Williams will be returning to USC Football, as he is only a true sophomore.

And it's not often that a Heisman winner still has another year left of college football, so USC Football has the chance to take advantage of having Caleb Williams in a way that's not typically possible.

Not only do recruits coming to SC next year have the chance to play for a coach who has won THREE Heisman Trophies in his only SIX years of being a college football head coach, but they get to literally play on the same team as one of those.

Williams is only going to get better with another year in Riley's system, and another year of experience. Keep in mind that Williams has only been a starting QB in college for 20 games. He's still so young, and hasn't even tapped into his full potential yet.

What offensive recruit or transfer wouldn't want to play with him? Heck, he literally brought his offensive line to the Heisman Ceremony and had them all stand as he shouted them out during his speech.

Even on defense, why wouldn't someone on that side of the ball want to play for a team that doesn't have to worry about not having an elite offense on the other side to get their job done. SC will most certainly have that, and they are guaranteed to have that largely due to how tremendous Williams is as a player.

Sure enough, the two transfers that have come to USC since Williams won the Heisman (LB Jamil Muhammad and DL Kyon Barrs) are both defensive players. Having the most Heisman Trophy winners ever absolutely puts SC back in that national powerhouse spotlight, and shows that player development most certainly continues to happen here at SC.

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It's going to be maybe the biggest recruiting tool this offseason, and maybe even next offseason if Williams comes back for a senior year.