Caleb Williams brought perfect company to watch him win Heisman Trophy

Caleb Williams, USC Football, USC Trojans
Caleb Williams, USC Football, USC Trojans / Brad Penner-USA TODAY Sports

Caleb Williams won himself the Heisman Trophy on Saturday night, but didn't want to accept it all by himself. He brought his offensive line with him, and even made it clear that he wasn't going to show up if SC's line wasn't able to be there at the ceremony with him, according to Shotgun Spratling of 247Sports:

Williams clearly doesn't see the Heisman Trophy as just his accomplishment. Not only was it a classy gesture to the big guys up front, but Williams made it clear that he did see this day as not just a great one for him, but the wall that he had protecting his season all year long:

Williams racked up 4,447 total yards this season. That's the most in USC history, and that's a school that has had seven players other than Williams hoist the Heisman Trophy before. No other school has ever produced as many Heisman Trophy winners than the Trojan program, and Williams outgained every single one of them.

Williams had 4,075 passing yards, and 372 rushing yards. Something arguably even more impressive? The fact that he racked up 47 total touchdowns (37 passing and 10 rushing). He was so dominant as both a passer and a rusher, and he never let anyone else touch the ball. He threw a total of only four interceptions all season.

USC Football QB Caleb Williams will likely be playing with most of the offensive line that attended the Heisman Trophy Ceremony again.

That's because all of the USC Offensive Line will likely be back to protect Caleb Williams again other than Andrew Vorhees, Brett Neilon, and Bobby Haskins. All three started, and Vorhees and Neilon were the two best lineman on the squad, but there is still going to be plenty of continuity returning too.

Williams bringing his guys was the perfect closure to the college careers of the three who have likely just played their last years of college football, and a perfect beginning to the careers of all the others. That's because the returners are likely to see bigger and better things next year.

Protecting their QB en route to a Heisman Trophy is a once-in-a-lifetime type of accomplishment. It's important to remember, however, that SC is only in their first year of their rebuild with Lincoln Riley and Williams.

Both will be back next year, and ready to keep progressing. The trajectory that they're on in going from 4-8 to 11-1 in just one year is ridiculously impressive. It also goes to show that somehow, things are likely only up from here.

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That's right--somehow things are only up for these guys, despite their quarterback having them all stand during his Heisman Trophy Ceremony speech. It's not just Williams who will never forget that moment, but his body guards who will never forget it either.