Ranking USC Football's Heisman Trophy winning seasons

Evan Desai
Reggie Bush, USC Football, USC Trojans
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USC Football has the chance to take sole possession of first place in Heisman Trophy winners on Saturday night, when their current star QB Caleb Williams will find out if he is the eighth Heisman Trophy winner in USC history. He is the favorite, so it will likely happen, and he most certainly deserves it.

USC fans would know, after all, if he deserves it or not. They've seen quite a few Heisman Trophy winners in their time. SC's current seven Heisman Trophies is tied with Notre Dame, Ohio State, and Oklahoma for most in the country. All seven were great, but it's always fun to debate which one was the BEST.

Realistically, all seven had legendary seasons, but debating the order in the barbershop, at the bar, or in group chats with friends is always a great time. This article will rank that order of the best Heisman Trophy-winning seasons in USC history.

This article is not a ranking of best USC players of all time, but which single seasons were the best among the USC Heisman Trophy-winning seasons. Williams will be added to this list after the Cotton Bowl is over if he indeed does win the 2022 Heisman Trophy. (UPDATE: Williams was added after he accepted the Heisman Trophy.)

No. 8 USC Football Heisman Trophy winning season: Mike Garrett (1965)

Mike Garrett is the first Heisman Trophy winner in USC Football history. Like all of USC's Heisman-winning seasons, 1965 was an unforgettable one. Garrett averaged 5.4 yards per carry en route to 1,440 rushing yards and 13 rushing touchdowns. He led the Trojans to a Top 10 season. And he most certainly was the one who lead the Trojans to that type of year.

His 1,534 all-purpose yards led the entire roster in total yards--even including the quarterbacks. Heck, just his 1,440 rushing yards would have led the Trojans in total yards that year--even including the quarterbacks. So no actually, he didn't lead the Trojans to a Top 10 season....He CARRIED the Trojans to a Top 10 season.