Lincoln Riley gives one last update for Jordan Addison, Eric Gentry, Ralen Goforth

Jordan Addison, USC Football, USC Trojans
Jordan Addison, USC Football, USC Trojans / Jayne Kamin-Oncea-USA TODAY Sports

Three key players for Lincoln Riley's USC Football squad may be out for the Trojans this week: Jordan Addison, Eric Gentry, and Ralen Goforth. Addison is arguably the best player on the entire team, Gentry is one of the best players on the entire defense, and Goforth is another one of the primary linebackers on this team.

If Addison and Gentry miss time, it makes it back-to-back games where they've had to miss time. Remember that they came out of the Utah game during the second half due to their leg (Addison) and ankle (Gentry) injuries. Goforth did not have to leave against Utah, but does have a hand/wrist injury.

All three were labeled day-to-day on Tuesday, and the folks over at reported what Riley said on Thursday about their status as well:

"We fully plan on them traveling and being there and it’s probably something that comes down to the wire in terms of a decision on the three of those guys," said Riley.

Lincoln Riley also mentioned how USC Football's bye week worked in Jordan Addison, Eric Gentry, and Ralen Goforth's favor.

Of course, Lincoln Riley's USC Football program had a bye week this past week, which gave Jordan Addison, Eric Gentry, and Ralen Goforth an extra week to recover.

"The bye week has certainly been helpful for all those guys...They've made really good progress and I think we're still gonna take advantage of the fact that we still have, you know, well over two days until we fly. So they've been limited, they haven't been full participants but not anybody that I would want to say a definite no or yes on right now playing."

Lincoln Riley--Head Coach, USC Football

Looking at those comments, as well as what he said about the three of them traveling, and there's no reason to think they're leaning towards not playing. To be fair, there's no evidence that should force anybody to think they're leaning towards playing, but again there is no reason for pessimism and that's important.

Besides, even with two players out of these three who are typically very necessary for this squad when it comes to winning games (Addison and Gentry) potentially not playing, SC will still be favored in the contest even if they can't go.

As far as Addison goes, he is the best wide receiver in the country (and has a Biletnikoff to show for it), but won't be completely necessary for USC in their efforts to exploit Arizona's awful pass defense. The Wildcats are 92nd in the country in averaging 246.7 pass yards allowed per game. SC will be just fine in the passing game even without Addison.

As far as Gentry goes, he's the best linebacker on this team, but UA's offense is so bad that his absence could potentially not even matter. They're 55th in the country with 31.6 points scored per game. SC lacks at linebacker, and could REALLY use Gentry on Saturday, but he won't be completely necessary when it comes to getting a win against a terrible offense.

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Hopefully, however, these three will be out there so SC can secure a blowout. Also, it would be great for those three on an individual level to be there to keep improving on their statistical outputs. A win is likely in store either way, but a dominant statement will most easily be reached with these three playing on Saturday.