Why USC Football can survive a Jordan Addison injury

Jordan Addison, USC Football, USC Trojans
Jordan Addison, USC Football, USC Trojans / Rob Gray-USA TODAY Sports

USC Football Wide Receiver Jordan Addison went down to injury in the second half of the Trojans' loss to the Utah Utes on Saturday. Head Coach Lincoln Riley has not provided an update on the injury, and likes to keep things close to the vest when it comes to injuries.

Therefore, it will likely be unclear as to what his status is moving forward until Tuesday when the media will get the chance to speak with Riley. SC is currently 6-1 and ranked No. 12 in the country. They can still keep up that type of performance, even if Addison has to miss time. It would most certainly be difficult, but it would also be doable.

Look--Addison is the best wide receiver in America. There's a reason he was recognized as the Biletnikoff winner last year, and he was off to a terrific season this year. He's hauled in 39 catches for 585 receiving yards and seven receiving touchdowns through just seven games. SC has another top 10 wideout in the country, though, in Mario Williams. Williams can handle being a No. 1 option.

Williams himself is all the way up to 493 yards on the season, which comes from an average of 19(!) yards per reception. He's found the end zone four times too. To put up these numbers as the No. 2 means quite a bit. Also, he had his best game when the competition went up. That was this past week, when SC was playing their first ranked opponent of the season, and on the road.

He racked up 145 yards in the contest. When Addison went down, his performance obviously went up. It was similar to when Addison had to miss part of last week, too, and he ended up going for 82 yards and two touchdowns. Williams can clearly handle more responsibility. It's not just Williams, though, that would make for an offense that can handle Addison's absence.

Other USC Football wide receivers stepped up in Jordan Addison's absence.

Michael Jackson III had a clutch 20-yard touchdown catch for USC Football after Jordan Addison left the game. Tahj Washington even made some great plays, despite not necessarily having the numbers. Kyron Hudson had a touchdown catch too, and interestingly, Josh Falo really stepped up at tight end. He had two touchdown catches. Perhaps an expanded role for him will reap big results too.

Addison may not miss any more time. He also could miss more time, but not the rest of the season. It truly remains to be seen. Heck, SC will be comfortably favored to win all three of their next three games (Arizona, California, and Colorado) even if he misses those contests.

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They'll even likely be comfortably favored in every game on their schedule other than UCLA if he misses the rest of the season. A lot of that is due to the talent SC has behind Addison on the depth chart. This article hasn't even mentioned the other four-star receivers SC can use in Kyle Ford and CJ Williams. Losing Addison is big, but it's not the end of the road for this offense.