Lincoln Riley believes NIL should be a USC strength

Sep 10, 2022; Stanford, California, USA;  USC Trojans head coach Lincoln Riley walks out of the
Sep 10, 2022; Stanford, California, USA; USC Trojans head coach Lincoln Riley walks out of the / Stan Szeto-USA TODAY Sports

Let’s face it, college football is better when the University of Southern California is good. They are a blue-blood program. They can claim 11 National Championships. They have witnessed 8 Heisman Trophy winners (And yes, I will always count Reggie Bush). An all-time winning percentage of 71% with 39 conference titles. USC head coach Lincoln Riley said it best:

"It should be an advantage for us here. Let's be honest. We have a powerful alumni base and people that love and care about USC football. You are playing in a city that puts attention on a lot of really good teams."

Cameron Salerno on 24/7 Sports

I completely agree with everything he had to say. There is no reason why USC should not be a perennial contender for a National Championship every single year. Los Angeles, California is the second most populated city in the United States of America. It’s home to Hollywood, celebrities, great weather, and beaches. There are plenty of reasons why high school athletes should be drawn to this program. Riley would continue by saying:

"And then when you talk all the corporate opportunities here, professionally or collegiate, they are very unique and nowhere exists like that."

Cameron Salerno on 24/7 Sports

LA is also home to three Fortune 500 companies. There are many more large corporations (The Walt Disney Company, Universal Pictures, Warner Bros., Capital Group Companies, Farmers Insurance Group) have their headquarters located in LA County. This doesn’t even mention all of the professional sports franchises including the Lakers, Dodgers, and Rams to name a few.

Los Angeles is very unique and can offer plenty of opportunities to these young men. Riley is correct and USC should be capitalizing on all of what Los Angeles has to offer. Now is the time to start creating a NIL program that should reflect the wealth of possibilities that can be offered to these star student-athletes from all over America. There is no reason why USC should ever have a recruiting class out of the top five every single year.

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