Jordan Addison speaks out on 'BS' misconceptions about his USC football recruitment

Jordan Addison, USC Football, USC Trojans
Jordan Addison, USC Football, USC Trojans / Charles LeClaire-USA TODAY Sports

Remember when college football freaked out when Jordan Addison transferred to the USC football program? And SWORE that he was doing it because of NIL opportunities, and not the obvious football advantages?

Well, chances are everyone reading this does, and chances are everyone reading this laughed uncontrollably when Paolo Uggetti of ESPN found that Addison actually passed up on better NIL opportunities to come to USC. It was very funny, and Addison finally had the chance to address it at USC media day on Thursday:

"It was definitely frustrating, but I wasn't too concerned with it because the truth will always come to the light," said Addison. "I know what my focus is and my intent, so all that is just outside noise."

The truth about USC football and Jordan Addison certainly did come to light.

When Uggetti brought the truth to light, it led to haters having nothing to say about USC football and Jordan Addison's recruitment there. Addison handled it perfectly and didn't even pay attention to it. Trusting the process, and waiting for the truth to come to light proved to be the best option for him.

"Just some BS," said Addison about what his reaction to the false allegations of his recruitment was. "Like I said, the truth is always gonna come to light, so I'm just gonna keep working and make sure I'm ready for the season."

Luckily for Addison, getting ready for the season will likely be a little easier for him than it normally would for a receiver heading to a new program after spring camp. He already has a connection with QB Caleb Williams, as they grew up together in the same area (D.C.-Maryland-Virginia region). They wanted to play together badly.

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Addison is coming off of a 100 catch, 1593 receiving yard, 17 receiving touchdown season. He won the Biletnikoff last season for a reason, and returns as the best wideout in the country. Another massive year is in store for the 2021 Consensus All-American.