2 top USC football players win what's maybe the best NIL deal possible

Jordan Addison, USC Football, USC Trojans
Jordan Addison, USC Football, USC Trojans / Brianna Paciorka/News Sentinel via

Elite USC football players Jordan Addison and Tuli Tuipulotu just signed quite the jealousy-inducing NIL deal with Fletcher Jones Mercedes. Fletcher Jones Mercedes partnered with BLVD, and now the two USC football studs will be driving Mercedes S500s this season:

Any fan not jealous of this deal is either filthy rich, or delusional. Addison and Tuipulotu are so great at what they do that they are rightfully compensated for what they provide for the program. Whipping a Mercedes S500 is a big deal for anyone. Now imagine being a college student, and that's your car at school.

So much for Jordan Addison apparently not being happy with his experience at USC, right? Between his recent deal with United Airlines, and now this, he's doing just fine. So is Tuipulotu, who deserved this.

Heck, Tuipulotu is coming off of a year where he racked up 48 tackles (7.5 of them being for losses), and 5.5 sacks to go along with two PD's and a scoop and score. Those numbers for a defensive tackle are excellent. Addison is most certainly deserving too, of course, as he's coming off of a Consensus All-American season where he won the Biletnikoff as the best wide receiver in college football.

Tuli Tuipulotu and Jordan Addison are two of the most important players for USC football.

And Tuli Tuipulotu and Jordan Addison will absolutely not be hiding that fact when they drive around USC in their new spaceships. It's fitting, though--as the two are the best players on their respective sides of the ball for USC. It even felt like both were on every watch list imaginable this offseason.

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Tuipulotu comes in as a captain this year, and Addison comes in after having a 100-catch/1593-yard/17 TD season in 2021. The expectations are high for both, but they know they'll hit them. Mercedes does too. It may be the last years of college football for both juniors. They picked up these deals at the perfect time. It's a win-win for both the players and Fletcher Jones Mercedes.