Don't pay attention to message board rumor about Jordan Addison being "pissed" at USC

Jordan Addison, USC Football, USC Trojans
Jordan Addison, USC Football, USC Trojans / Charles LeClaire-USA TODAY Sports

According to a ridiculous message board rumor, Jordan "Addison has been pissed in recent weeks because what he was promised hadn't been followed through on."

This rumor gained some traction due to it being posted on the famous "Message Board Geniuses" Twitter account, that is used to make fun of ridiculous message board posts. The reason some are buying this is because this was posted by Senior National Recruiting Analyst for On3, Gerry Hamilton.

It doesn't matter, however, that Hamilton said this. It sounds incredibly fishy to believe. First of all, it's coming from a Texas insider. Texas was considered the runner-up for Addison's services when he was in the portal.

Should anyone be surprised at all that someone from Texas' camp is claiming Addison is pissed at the spot he chose over UT? Think it through--there's no credibility to this; at LEAST not yet.

Besides, it's been very clear that Jordan Addison didn't come to the USC football program for NIL money.

Paolo Uggetti of ESPN quickly shot that rumor down, and reported that Jordan Addison actually turned down more NIL money to come play with USC football. In fact, that could even be an element to this "insight."

People over at Texas very well could be frustrated that Addison turned the money down to come to USC, and try to keep pushing the fact that he would have made more money at UT.

It's possible that this source's comments had nothing to do with money, but that wouldn't make sense. When it comes to the promises that SC specifically would have made to Addison, it's pretty impossible for them to not follow through.

Their promises would have had to be that he'd be the No. 1 receiver for a Lincoln Riley-coached and Caleb Williams-quarterbacked offense at one of the top two greatest college football programs of all-time. Literally none of that has changed at all.

That's why this is a very odd rumor in the first place. If it's money-related, which it appears that this source is claiming it to be, then that has nothing to even do with USC. USC can't give players NIL money--that's for the businesses they sign with outside of the program. In fact, SC doesn't even have an NIL collective.

And again, it all comes back to the fact that Addison didn't even come to SC for NIL money. It makes no sense in general. How would Addison be "pissed in recent weeks because what he was promised hadn't been followed through on."

USC literally has gone above and beyond to give him what they didn't ever plan on giving ANYONE, by literally un-retiring Carson Palmer's No. 3 jersey number and letting Addison wear it.

Besides, even if this is somehow true, it would have nothing to do with USC, because again the Trojans themselves can't give him money. It would have to do with the businesses he is working with as far as NIL goes.

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Perhaps if USC had an NIL collective, broken NIL promises from USC's end could be in play (and even that's a stretch), but they don't even have a collective. There's no reason to pay any attention to this rumor. It's probably not true at all, and even if it somehow is, it has nothing to do with the USC program in itself.