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First Take… Could it be that the times are a-changing?

Or perhaps our readers just skew towards change.

Either way it was a bit of a surprise to see that 42% of respondents to our poll asking whether or not fans want to see an alternate jersey worn during a game in 2016 answered in the affirmative.

That poll was launched in response to a report that USC is considering designs from Nike for an alternate to be worn during one game next season. Steve Sarkisian later confirmed that report, hinting that an all-white option seemed a popular choice.

Su’a Cravens commented at Pac-12 media days that he would favor a matte black look. Cody Kessler did not particularly care, but was not against the concept.

USC fans have traditionally been vehemently against the idea though. Even the prospect of shining up the helmets and adding a chrome facemask caused concern from the vocal majority.

And then most of them got over it once they saw it in action. Which is what should happen when USC ultimately debuts whichever alternates they decide upon.

There are two really good reasons why, traditionalist Trojans. And no, it’s not about chasing Oregon’s coat tails or recruiting.

First of all, the players want them, which should be reason enough to buck up and just accept the idea straight out. After all, they’re the ones sweating, bleeding and putting their bodies on the line in said jerseys. Throwing them this bone is no big sacrifice.

Secondly, one game in black or white will do no more to soil USC’s traditions than a season wearing a Tommy Trojan helmet as they did in 1992, or black socks or decades of wearing jerseys with shoulder/arm stripes instead of chevrons.

USC even won championships in vertical stripes during the Howard Jones era.

Everyone will get over it. Or at least they should.

And Ten USC Football Links…

  1. Reign Of Troy: Curious what a new take on black jersey’s might look like? Our Michael Castillo has a mock up, with a bonus look at different pant colors on the away uniform.
  2. Sick of uniform talk? Skip to the next item. If not, Ryan Abraham addressed the “controversy” over Steve Sarkisian’s comments about uniform combinations, making a compelling argument that Sark was not taking a shot at Oregon.
  3. Back to actual football, Dan Weber previews the offensive line, noting that this year the linemen have done more group and 11-on-11 work than any at USC in his memory.
  4. LA Times: Sarkisian is not going to stand in the way of Adoree’ Jackson’s Olympic aspirations, though he notes that Jackson will need to continue to improve his long-jump in order to get there.
  5. LA Times: Reggie Bush’s No. 5 is not off the table, but Sarkisian wonders who could possibly want that pressure to wear it.
  6. ESPN: Gary Paskwietz points out that while Sarkisian is entering a next-step season, his resume up until now is actually pretty solid for his age.
  7. ESPN: USC is a run-first team, Sarkisian insisted at Pac-12 media days. The Trojan offensive line should play a major role in keeping that true this season.
  8. ESPN: JuJu Smith checks in as the No. 22 player in the Pac-12 going into this season according to Kyle Bonagura.
  9. OC Register: The Register’s opponent previews for 2015 finish up with a Q&A with Joey Kaufman on UCLA. Kaufman predicts a 9- or 10-win season for the Bruins.
  10. OC Register: No movement on the DirecTV front but Michael Lev has an exclusive interview with Lydia Murphy-Stephans, the president of the Pac-12 Network, who at least hinted that talks will begin before the football season begins.

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USC football is undefeated in black jerseys.

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