USC Alternate Jersey Watch: Black Uniforms, Anyone?


Last week at Pac-12 Media Days, the Trojan contingent had their say about a controversial USC alternate jersey, albeit in three different directions.

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Steve Sarkisian swore that the team would never wear 13 different uniform combos, while Su’a Cravens raved about Oregon’s kits and Cody Kessler said he didn’t really care one way or another.

Sarkisian also confirmed that there won’t be an alternate jersey in 2015, while keeping the door open in the future. That’s a somewhat vague nod to the report last week that claimed USC was being shopped alternates for 2016.

Now, what could those alternates look like for next season?

Enter Nike into the discussion. The superpower outfitter released a line of black t-shirts that set the internet ablaze on Monday morning after a report from Andrew Lind of The Tidewater News cited a source indicating the t-shirts were actually shirseys. And that they depicted designs to be worn by several Nike powerhouses in 2015, including Ohio State, Oklahoma, Texas and Florida State.

For the record, Texas has come out to deny the report. But here’s the Oklahoma version, for reference.

As you can see, the designs feature the existing shoulders on current traditional jerseys, but with a black torso.

So, hypothetically, what would would look like in USC’s case? We mocked it up, with Su’a Cravens as the model.

Jake Roth | USA Today Sports Images

It’s honestly not bad. It’s not incredible and it’s not horrible, and for a one game situation could be a way to satisfy all three of USC’s uniform camps.

Those camps of course consist of the staunch traditionalists, the eager modernists, and the appeasers that are content with letting the players pick their jersey once or twice a year without freaking out.

Now, the simplest way to go about alternates in respect to tradition would be to simply change the color of the Trojans’ pants. It’s actually something that Nike has already done for USC, with the team wearing white pants with cardinal and gold stripes during practice.

Should the Trojans adopt various yet traditional colored pants –a la UCLA in recent years– here’s what could come through pipeline.

Kirby Lee | USA Today Sports Images

The cardinal looks a bit weird and like Washington State, but all in all, they would not be the end of the world.

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