25 Best USC Football Traditions

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Whether you’ve been a fan for a week or lifetime, USC football traditions are likely to be fixture in your life.

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From wearing your school colors, to wishing random strangers a ‘Fight On!’, traditions allow the Trojans’ fanbase and history to collide.

We at Reign of Troy have ranked the 25 best USC football traditions, ranging from fan-based habits to on-field norms that define what Trojan football is all about.

Let’s begin with No. 25…

25. SoCal Spell Out

Some schools chant their initials or clap eight times. USC prefers to spell, belting out S-O-U-T-HERN, C-A-L-I-FORNIA as a rallying cheer among students, alums and fans.

The cheer is often a precursor to the Trojan Marching Band playing Conquest, and used to be led by the yell leaders before USC discontinued the traditional male counterparts to the Song Girls nearly 10 years ago.

But even without the Yell Leaders, the SoCal Spell Out gives Trojans something to do in a group rather than just saying ‘fight on’ over and over and over it. Not that there’s anything wrong with that.

And as mentioned, less clapping and more fist pumping is always a plus.