Trojans Proud to Be American and More From USC Twitter


Twitter Tuesday is a special weekly blog from Trenise Ferreira, scouring through USC Twitter for interesting tweets, while providing some lighthearted commentary. 

Let’s kick things off with the glowing support from great Trojan athletes to another — Women’s World Cup Champion Amy Rodriguez:

And speaking of support, here’s what more Trojans had to say about ESPN reporter Shelley Smith’s announcement that she is officially cancer-free:

In other news:

Holiday greetings from the Barkleys.

The game done changed, Mr. Telfer.

Yo, #TwitterAfterDark is the real deal. We understand.

Give the man what he wants, USC fans.

Dude. Don’t we all?

Preach, Biggie! Preach.

No idea what this even means, Su’a, but we are SO on board with it.

You heard him, folks. Someone get Drake, ASAP.

Well thank you for that astute advice, Silas.

Welp. You messed up, Khaled. And on a final, serious note, take some time to read about writer Brandon Huffman’s daughter, who is battling a very rare and aggressive cancer. Some things are more important than sports.

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