USC Trojans social media accounts dominate engagement since March

USC football at the Coliseum. (Harry How/Getty Images)
USC football at the Coliseum. (Harry How/Getty Images) /

The USC Trojans investment in video and graphics departments has paid off.

Earlier this year, USC football made big moves to expand its support staff, including hiring away LSU’s video production team.

Bringing in Jacob Brown and Will Stout has brought about a clear upgrade in USC’s video productions, particularly on social media.

It may not all be about Brown and Stout, but USC sure is doing something right. Since the NCAA shutdown team activities in March, the Trojans rank atop college football in interactions on its main athletics accounts.

USC athletics’ main social media accounts have done work in quarantine.

The determination comes from Skull Sparks, a digital and design strategy firm. They added up the interactions for each program’s main athletics accounts on Instagram, Twitter and Facebook from March 12 to July 31, the period since the NCAA suspended competition.

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What they found is dominance for USC.

The Trojans produced 1,388,017 interactions across all three social media platforms during that span. They were the only program with over a million interactions on Instagram.

Texas was a close second in overall interactions at 1,387,939. However, on Instagram, the Trojans outpaced the Longhorns by 148,394 interactions.

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What does that all mean? USC is leveraging their presence on social media to interact with fans, but also recruits who can be influenced by the videos and graphics the Trojans share on a regular basis.

What has USC been posting?

There have been pictures of the Trojans working out this offseason:

There have been highlight clips for each of the Trojans put on preseason watch lists:

There have been commemorations to the achievements of former greats:

There have been new wallpapers for phone background every Wednesday:

In the grand scheme of things, social media engagement pales in comparison to winning. Having said that, marketing does have a role to play in college football. The image the program portrays matters.

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The good news is the Trojans are taking that image more seriously these days.

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