Watch USC’s HC Lincoln Riley talk to Colin Cowherd

Jan 2, 2023; Arlington, Texas, USA; USC Trojans head coach Lincoln Riley on the field before the
Jan 2, 2023; Arlington, Texas, USA; USC Trojans head coach Lincoln Riley on the field before the / Tim Heitman-USA TODAY Sports

The head football coach for the University of Southern California, Lincoln Riley, had plenty to discuss when he went on The Herd with Colin Cowherd show.

Colin asked Riley multiple questions during the 15-minute interview. Recruiting was the first topic of choice and Riley mentioned there was a reason why he decided to come to Los Angeles.

"“This school. Los Angeles. The entire setup we have sells itself.”"

Lincoln Riley on The Herd

Honestly, everything about this program does sell itself. It’s the big city, Hollywood, celebrities, and the beach. All of it sounds great. This doesn’t even mention the fact this is a blue-blood program and the history of winning teams and some of the greatest players have played here.

Next, they talked about Caleb Williams and now that he’s a star. Is there a concern about how he will try to have another great season? Can he repeat the numbers he had after a Heisman Trophy-winning year?

"“We’ve been deliberate and intentional about educating him. Putting him in the right situations and making sure we’re doing our part for him to allow him to continue to improve.”"

Lincoln Riley on The Herd

Improving seemed to have stretched beyond Williams. It bled over to a completely different area, the defense. Cowherd mentioned all the criticisms the defense took last year. He believed that it takes a new coach to have at least two recruiting cycles/transfer portal opportunities to fill in the gaps. Riley agreed with that assessment.

"“I thought you saw a lack of depth and that showed up. You know guys get worn down. The same guys are playing all of the snaps. You have a couple injuries and all of a sudden, you’re not filling it in with the type of quality that you want to have.” "

Lincoln Riley on The Herd

The final topics of conversation centered around former WR Jordan Addison, the backloaded 2023 schedule, and the transfer portal. You can watch entire interview below.

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