USC QB Caleb Williams calls out irresponsible reporter for spreading false narrative

Caleb Williams, USC Football, USC Trojans
Caleb Williams, USC Football, USC Trojans / Jayne Kamin-Oncea/GettyImages

Recently, college football insider Mike Farrell spread a disputed narrative on Twitter about USC Football QB Caleb Williams being driven away from Oklahoma and to USC because of OU fans. Here is Farrell's post below:

Williams' dad, AND Williams himself never said this. Williams' dad, Carl, did mention that he himself was not thrilled with how Oklahoma fans reacted to his son entering the transfer portal, but it wasn't why he transferred at all. In fact, Caleb even addressed the fan reaction back when he made his decision to come to USC:

“They reacted kind of how I respected them to,” said Caleb. “I appreciate all the OU fans. I love all the OU fans. All the love and support they have given me throughout the season before I was playing, before I got there and while I was playing. They’ll always be in my heart.”

Obviously, Caleb made it clear that the fans had nothing to do with the decision. From the jump, Caleb and his family made it known that he would play with whatever program (Oklahoma or elsewhere) would best prepare him for the NFL. Carl even clarified this to the L.A. Times recently:

"I said this to Bob Stoops. I said this to Brent Venables...I’ll give you the clean version. You go to college to get prepared for your career. You want to be a doctor, you go to med school at the best college you can go into. You want to be a lawyer, you do the same. What we wanted to do was be prepared to play [in the NFL on] Day One. That was the driving force."

Carl WIlliams, Caleb Williams' father

Still, however, Farrell made up a story about how Carl said that the fans drove new USC Football QB Caleb Williams away.

USC Football QB Caleb Williams took to Twitter to address this incorrect statement, setting the record straight on how Farrell's claim is actually the opposite of what is true:

Farrell then embarrassed himself even further, replying with "More than happy to have you and your dad on for interview to share your side. All I can go on is quotes given to others" to Caleb's tweet. How does Caleb and his father still need to share their side?

As for Carl, he already did. It's not his fault that Farrell has to spread false information on social media about a 19-year-old kid. As for Caleb, he obviously just stated his side as well right there. He also obviously had shared his side on this before, too. Also, "All I can go on is quotes given to others?" Is this a joke?

All Farrell can do is spread falsehoods that he didn't fact check? How about he reads the entire story before taking what was said wildly out of context?

I learned this when I was a SOPHOMORE in HIGH SCHOOL as my high school paper's Content Manager Editor: When receiving quotes, it's necessary to verify that they are what was said, and that they are not placed out of context and misrepresenting what was said before posting. If 15-year-old kids know this, there's no excuse for Farrell.

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It's an incredibly easy concept, and it makes Farrell look like a fool for him to be irresponsible like this. Grown adults running false narratives about a 19-year-old is embarrassing. Good on Caleb for not tolerating the disrespect and false reporting.

UPDATE: Caleb has now responded to Farrell's interview request in this tweet below: