Class act USC QB Caleb Williams has message for OU fans despite their hatred for him

Oklahoma's Caleb Williams (13) plays for USC football now.
Oklahoma's Caleb Williams (13) plays for USC football now. / BRYAN TERRY/THE OKLAHOMAN / USA TODAY

Ever since Caleb Williams transferred to the USC football program, Oklahoma fans have relentlessly and embarrassingly sent all kinds of shots his way.

Instead of looking back and appreciating what he did for OU, they have relentlessly hated on him for simply choosing that it is in his best interest to play for the USC football program. Lots of that hatred has gone way too far, and is just delusional. To explain further, it's even got to the point where they are stereotyping Williams to claim he is of different sexualities/genders than what he is, and then attempting to taunt him with Confederate flags:

This type of harassment has been coming his way ever since he joined SC, but Williams is above all that. He was interviewed on Good Morning America this week, which is already a MASSIVE honor. It was even more honorable to see Williams stay classy in this situation, and speak very positively about the OU fans that are consistently attacking him with no class.

New USC Football QB Caleb Williams is astonishing on the field, but a true class act off of it.

It's hard to find anyone with more class than what USC Football Quarterback Caleb Williams is showing here. Here's the full quote on the reaction from the OU fans:

""They reacted kind of how I expected them to. I appreciate all the OU fans. I love all the OU fans. All the love and support that they have given me throughout the season when I wasn't playing, before I got there. And then after I was playing kind of you know, they'll always be in my heart.""

Caleb Williams, USC Quarterback

I love this answer. Everyone who's come to USC from Oklahoma has been under scrutiny from Norman this offseason. It's not just Williams, but Lincoln Riley, Mario Williams, and Latrell McCutchin. Being accused of 'taking players from Oklahoma,' Riley has even had to set the record straight on national TV:

Look, I expected Oklahoma fans to be upset about Riley and Caleb heading West. It was tough for them to see those guys part ways.

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I am WAY more impressed, however, with the way our guys have handled the breakup. Somehow, a 19-year-old college freshman is more mature than an entire college football fanbase full of fully grown adults.