USC Football WR Brenden Rice inks smart NIL deal to help secure generational wealth

Brenden Rice, USC Football, USC Trojans
Brenden Rice, USC Football, USC Trojans / David Madison/GettyImages

Starting USC Football Wide Receiver Brenden Rice has just signed an NIL deal to become one of the faces of a new partnership between MoneyLion and INFLCR. MoneyLion is a go to destination for financial products, content, and advice. INFLCR is the leading content and compliance software platform that helps college athletes stay compliant with new NIL regulations.

This partnership makes MoneyLion the official money app of the platform. The partnership is something a lot of college athletes are already taking advantage of when it comes to their offerings surrounding financial preparedness, investing, money hacks, and other benefits. Rice signing this deal gives him access to all the financial tools that come with this partnership.

Speaking with Rice recently, he really believes in using this NIL deal to teach him about financial preparedness and knowledge on how to take advantage of this new NIL era. While having the opportunity to make money as a college athlete now is fun, there's extra responsibility that comes with that if wanting to make sure that money goes as far as it needs to.

"You see NFL athletes go broke and struggle with life after football," said Rice. "You’ve got to make sure you keep your money going. You’ve got to invest in stocks and things like that to keep you elevated.”

USC Football WR Brenden Rice understands how important it is for college athletes to prepare themselves for life after sports.

Brenden Rice also made it clear that he talks to his USC football teammates about MoneyLion and its benefits "all the time." These are the conversations that athletes need to have with one another to make sure that the money they earn goes as far as it needs to.

After all, about 16% of NFL players end up going bankrupt within 12 years of retirement (according to the National Bureau of Economic Research). Coming from an NFL background (Rice is the son of HBCU and NFL legend Jerry Rice), he likely has been educated on these issues. MoneyLion helps him navigate the confusing and fast-moving NIL era.

The era crept up on college athletes very quickly. All of the sudden there's opportunity to earn off of what the players are bringing into the school, and it's important for the athletes to be able to make sure they're taking advantage of this new era in the best possible way.

"We see athletes receiving million dollar deals and stuff like that," said Brenden Rice. "They’re not educated about how to invest that and build that up for generational wealth."

With the help of MoneyLion, though, financial literacy for these athletes becomes much easier. And it helps Brenden Rice, and other athletes who take advantage of the app and platform make the best decisions. These athletes undoubtedly deserve to make the money they themselves are bringing in through their own names, images, and likenesses. With that money, though, comes tremendous responsibility.

"With that money, you got to make sure you’re financially stable, and make sure you build it long term," said Brenden Rice. "You don’t want to blow it on the little things—clothes, attire, stuff like that."

Brenden Rice is a dynamic wide receiver who was a four-star transfer en route to the USC football program. He's got a real shot to make it big in this game, and the former four-star recruit (247Sports) is starting in the slot despite the amount of other four-star talent in the receiver room.

He's got the talent and athleticism to make it to the League, especially because he also is a dynamic returner on special teams. Even then, however, football isn't forever. Being prepared for life after the game is necessary.

"MoneyLion provides athletes with data and advice to provide opportunities to educate about financial literacy," said Brenden Rice. "We have to think about life after sports…With MoneyLion, it puts everything in perspective to help with that aspect."

The team is currently 2-0. Brenden Rice hasn't gotten a ton of targets yet, but that's not an indictment on his performance. There are so many weapons in this offense, that there are going to be stretches where even a starter like Brenden Rice isn't going to get significant touches. Brenden Rice has caught a pass in each game so far, though, and the offense in general is cooking. He'll get his targets soon enough.

One of the biggest questions about this team was that while Brenden Rice (a Colorado transfer), and MANY of the other transfer additions head coach Lincoln Riley brought in are very good players, them being together is a lot of new faces in a very short amount of time. Many questioned whether this team would be able to gain chemistry fast enough to succeed in 2022.

Rice, however, never questioned it. He told me before the season even started that he wouldn't be so concerned.

"We definitely have that kind of chemistry," said Brenden Rice. "We’re the most diverse group ever been put together…We’re a group of transfers, all coming from different backgrounds. As you can see, we’re totally bought into the program. We’re grinding away every day."

He's most certainly right. Chemistry hasn't been a problem for this team at all. They've even cut their AP Top 25 Poll ranking in half already, moving up to No. 7 this week after being ranked 14th in the preseason. The best part for Brenden Rice, though, is not just the football aspect of his life right now.

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He knows that he's ready to find success even after football, through MoneyLion and their offerings to teach athletes about how to invest and make smart financial decisions if and/or when money comes in.