USC Football: Weather report at UCLA

USC Football, USC Trojans
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It always feels like USC Football plays UCLA when the conditions are perfect. And the reason why is's essentially true. When has the weather for a USC-UCLA game not been perfect, or close to? Weather couldn't be any better in Los Angeles and Pasadena, and the same will be the case on Saturday.

According to The Weather Channel (where all weather information in this article will be), there will of course be no rain on Saturday. There is quite literally a zero percent chance. So, nobody will be restricted to running the football only on Saturday. (Although that wouldn't be so bad after all, as both teams have elite running games.)

Furthermore, the game is going to be played at a decent temperature for a night game. It's going to start at about 64 degress Fahrenheit, and while it definitely does dip as the game goes on, it's nothing too bad.

The game will end with it being 56 degrees Fahrenheit at the lowest. While that may be a bit brisk, the players won't feel it too much by that time in the game. They'll have hours of strenuous physical activity heating their bodies by that point.

USC Football will be on the road, but won't be walking into harsh conditions at all.

Now is the time of year where many college football teams will be playing in less than ideal weather conditions, but USC Football doesn't have to worry about that. Not only are they playing in Pasadena this week, but they're back at home for the Notre Dame game next week. If the game was in South Bend, there might be snow, but that of course won't be the case this year.

Perhaps the Trojans will have to play in tough weather occasionally starting in 2024, when they move to the Big Ten. That won't be a problem for them, because they've had tremendous success whenever they've played against Big Ten teams in the past.

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They have a winning record against every B1G team except for Michigan State, who they're still .500 against. For now, though, Cali weather will more than suffice for the most anticipated USC-UCLA matchup since 2005.