Examining USC football's record against every current Big Ten school

Evan Desai
Sam Darnold, USC Football, USC Trojans
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USC football has historically owned the Big Ten. Their 70% win percentage against the conference is the highest they have among the non-Pac-12 Power Five conferences. Heck, they even have a winning 4-3 record against the Big Ten in the post-Pete Carroll era despite poor coaching in this era.

The last time SC was in the Rose Bowl they won it. They have the most Rose Bowl wins by a LANDSLIDE--winning the greatest bowl game in college football an insane 25 times. That's 17(!) more than the next closest team (Ohio State and Michigan tied at eight apiece).

Now with SC heading to the Big Ten, it's worth examining their history against these Big Ten teams closer. A couple of the current Big Ten schools haven't played USC (Rutgers and Maryland), but the other 12 have. Nobody in the conference has a winning record against the Trojans.

Examining USC football's record against Indiana: 4-0 (100%)

It's not much of a surprise that USC football has never had an ounce of trouble against Indiana. In fact, not only have they never lost to Indiana, but the closest game they've ever played against them still resulted in an 11-point deficit. That was in the 1967-1968 Rose Bowl--the lone Rose Bowl SC has played Indiana in.

Even when the Trojans played against them on the road, they still blew them out by 21 points. Each of their last two times they played each other, SC won by 21 points. Expect even more dominance over one of the worst programs in USC's new conference.