USC football robs former rival in Pac-12 on recruiting trail for more beef

Alex Grinch, USC Football, USC Trojans
Alex Grinch, USC Football, USC Trojans / BRYAN TERRY/THE OKLAHOMAN via Imagn

USC football has officially flipped three-star 2023 OL/DL Amos Talalele from Cal to the Trojans (all recruiting ratings and rankings in article are as of 247Sports). Talalele is not a major recruit on paper, as he is just the No. 60 D-Lineman in his class. A bit of a deeper dive, however, shows that he provides intriguing value to this class.

Talalele can play both on the defensive AND offensive line. That versatility isn't common, and it's also awesome to poach someone from the Pac-12 regardless of just how impressive their prospect ranking is. And at 6-5, 330 pounds, Talalele is far from undersized.

The fact that he's classified by 247Sports as more of a defensive lineman, but being looked at by USC as more of an offensive lineman speaks volumes to how strong his versatility is. Talalele is now the third straight commitment in the trenches for the Trojans.

USC football got a commitment from both an offensive lineman and defensive lineman just before Amos Talalele.

Before the USC football program secured a commitment from Amos Talalele on Monday, they received a commitment from OL Tobias Raymond last Monday and DL Grant Buckey on Wednesday. All three are three-star prospects, but three-star guys are necessary too.

Every program needs to pick up projects. None of these three will likely be ready to receive significant playing time just yet, but the class is finally starting to get beefed up a little bit.

The non-linemen in the class all have four or more stars except for just one cornerback. The players SC is bringing in are of great quality. With SC's offensive line looking solid for the 2022 season, the Trojans don't particularly NEED O-Linemen ready to play just yet right now.

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Only one team ahead of them in the overall class rankings (USC is now No. 10) has a higher average recruit ranking than SC. This class is shaping up very nicely, and after what looked like a tremendous recruiting weekend for the Trojans this past weekend, the class will likely even improve.