USC Football RB Raleek Brown's injury update will remain unknown

Raleek Brown, USC Football, USC Trojans
Raleek Brown, USC Football, USC Trojans / Kirby Lee-USA TODAY Sports

Raleek Brown had a monster USC football debut Week 1 against Rice. Not only did he have two receptions for 40 yards, but he also had six carries for 36 yards, a touchdown, and even a Heisman pose in the end zone. He left the game with something else, though, that wasn't so exciting. It was an ankle injury, and he had to be carted off the field:

Clearly, by the looks of the photo where it was reported, he was carted off AFTER the game. That means that he wasn't carted off immediately, as he was hurt with enough time left in the contest to where he could have been carted off earlier than after the game.

It appears that while the injury was serious enough to where it would be much better for Brown to not have to walk off the field on his own weight, it wasn't serious enough to have immediate urgency in getting him back inside with the trainers. Ryan Kartje of the LA Times reported that Brown had a "big ice bag on his ankle" while he was being carted off.

USC Football Head Coach Lincoln Riley, however, did not give an update on Raleek Brown's ankle.

USC Football RB Raleek Brown was always bound to be a fit for Riley's offense. He committed to it twice. The Mater Dei product committed to Riley both at Oklahoma and at USC. In addition to that, he's a freak athlete.

He's an offensive weapon who is not only a great talent in the backfield, but someone who's proven that they can run receiver routes against top competition at high school camps during his recruitment.

And what a recruit the four-star player was, as he was not only the No. 2 player in the entire talent-rich state of California for the 2022 class, but he was also the No. 3 Running Back recruit in America. The No. 42 overall player in the nation, he was bound to flash in Game 1. Leading the running backs in carries on Saturday (six), it's clear that Riley wants to use him and knows how to.

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The only question about his usage will come from his availability moving forward with his injury. That won't be known, at least not for certain, until Tuesday. Luckily, USC has three other running backs that were productive against Rice that they can trust if he has to miss time.