USC Football HC Lincoln Riley tells the real truth about Jordan Addison's transfer

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When Jordan Addison transferred to the USC football program, there was quite a stir with many people deciding that he only transferred here due to NIL money despite it being proven that he turned down more NIL money from other schools to come to SC.

Addison himself also cleared that up, and now Lincoln Riley addressed the real reason why Addison headed to Los Angeles to play for this squad. In an interview with CBS Sports, Riley unveiled what Addison's visit was like and how it proved that he went to USC for nothing but football reasons:

To hear Riley talk about how Addison discussed football and only football on his official visit certainly does go to show that Addison's decision was certainly "all ball."

"I don't know that I've ever had a more football-centered visit that I can remember through all the years," said Riley.

It doesn't get much more telling than that. No more telling on the fact that clearly Addison's decision was only about football, and no more telling on the reality that SC is getting a true gamer in their new pickup.

It was also great that Lincoln Riley addressed the social media rumors about Jordan Addison coming to USC for money.

What Lincoln Riley had to say about the ridiculous and unconfirmed rumors that Jordan Addison headed to the USC football program for NIL money was hilarious. Of course, none of these rumors were confirmed and they only existed on social media. And as mentioned earlier, Paolo Uggetti of ESPN confirmed that they were false.

"That's the internet. That's Twitter. That's people that can say whatever they want with no responsibility attached behind it. This kid is all ball. That's why he's at USC," said Riley.

Those comments will also hilariously trigger all the fans of other teams who will be offended by Riley speaking the truth about them, too. It's going to be awesome for USC fans to see them melting down as they have all offseason.

Next. 3 goals for Jordan Addison next season. dark

USC is on the path to being dominant again, and nobody can handle it. It makes this even sweeter. Addison has clearly paid attention to USC's efforts to climb back to greatness, too, and wanted to be a part of it instead of just going for the money.