USC football fan favorite OL/DL transfers to play for Hall of Famer

Deion Sanders
Deion Sanders / Barbara Gauntt/Clarion Ledger / USA

When Maximus Gibbs entered the transfer portal on August 17th, USC football fans knew that somebody would be getting a good one. While Gibbs was just a three-star recruit coming out of St. John Bosco High School (all recruiting ratings and rankings in article are as of 247Sports), he had elite potential due to his size.

He's 6-7, 390 pounds, providing a perfect and absolutely MONSTER frame if he can just work hard in the weight room to flip more of the 390 pounds to muscle. And he had been reportedly making progress on that in his time on USC's campus last year during his first year in college.

Another element to the type of player he was also became unlocked last season. He learned how to play on the opposite side of the ball. He ended up getting on the field last year for multiple games--where he played on the defensive line (recorded two tackles--one for loss). Two-way players are rare, and Gibbs already has that down.

Therefore, it was a bummer that some unknown things off the field led to him hitting the portal. He did, however, just land at his new spot last Thursday. It's an interesting choice for him, and one that could pay off for him. That new landing spot is Jackson State. Of course, that's the FCS HBCU program that Pro Football Hall of Famer Deion Sanders coaches at.

Former USC Football OL/DL Maximus Gibbs is going to thrive at Jackson State with Deion Sanders.

Maximus Gibbs likely has a much better shot at receiving significant playing time earlier at Jackson State than he did with the USC football program. And while he won't be eligible to play this year due to portal rules for transferring this late, he'll have a year to work on flipping more of his weight to muscle. Again, he reportedly was already making progress on that.

He's certainly an awesome project to have on a team. That's part of why SC fans were excited to have him. Heck, Florida State, Texas A%M, Georgia, and Alabama all offered him coming out of high school. He knew he'd have a good landing spot--and now he gets to play with a Pro Football Hall of Famer in Sanders who knows what it takes to get to and excel at the next level.

Sanders has recently had many recruiting wins in his new job. One of them has been this transfer class in general--where he's pried over 15 transfers to his program. This makes nine of them from a Power 5 school.

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This is huge, and it's nice to see a former Trojan this fan base all rooted for land with this rising crew. Both schools have done great in the portal this year, and will look to reap the benefits in the coming years.