USC football's conference change is a major money move for the Big Ten

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USC football's move to the Big Ten is a good one for the health of the program, but it's also an outstanding move for the Big Ten. The Big Ten now adds a team that has far more tradition than anyone in their conference. Sure, Michigan is able to match USC in terms of having 11 National Championships, but has only won one in the last 74 years.

Michigan also has an abysmal bowl record of 21-28, which is 70th nationally. USC's is sixth nationally at 34-19. Only having even been to 49 bowl games, Michigan is outside the top 10. SC, having been to 53, is in the top six. SC also has seven Heismans (most all-time), while Michigan is in fourth with six.

Also, SC has 25 Rose Bowl Championships. The next two closest teams are Michigan and Ohio State, and they only have eight apiece. Therefore, the Big Ten finally gets the program who's historically ran the greatest bowl in college football on their side.

In addition, the Big Ten is getting the L.A. market when adding USC football.

The Big Ten has been trying to expand its coverage and national exposure in recent memory. It added Rutgers and Maryland during the previous decade for those reasons.

Rutgers was added so they could capitalize off of having the New York media market on their side, and Maryland was added so they could capture the Maryland/D.C./mid-Atlantic region. Now, the Big Ten has the football program located in the second-biggest media market in their possession.

The entire country's eyes are now going to be all over the Big Ten, in addition to them adding a FIFTH blueblood in SC to their roster to add on to Ohio State, Michigan, Penn State, and Nebraska. It's a huge win for the conference.

All this exposure is going to bring in so much more attention to the conference, which brings in great revenue. Again, the Big Ten has now brought in the biggest football brand on the entire west coast. In fact, they're even bringing them in on the upswing. SC just brought in an elite head coach for the first time since Pete Carroll was here.

The last time SC had that elite coach, they went on a seven-year run of seven consecutive top four finishes. They won New Year's Six Bowls in each of those years (two for National Championships) except for one Rose Bowl, and even then it was a National Championship Rose Bowl.

And, typical of USC, they owned the Big Ten when they did it. Five of those NY6 Bowl games were against the Big Ten, and they won every one of them. The closest game out of all of them was a 14-point(!) deficit, too. When the Trojans have the right coach, they're on top of the world.

And by 2024, they'll be at full strength and ready to compete in the Big Ten.

Adding another blueblood to be able to compete in a top two conference in college football is going to create so much excitement for the conference, which will surely in turn mean lots of attention and success for the conference and its competition. And of course, money always follows when that happens.

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The SEC added Texas and Oklahoma. The amount of revenue those two brands will bring the conference is huge too. The Big Ten needed to respond, and now they have their added moneymaker in USC. The Big Ten was right to make this move. Just as much as USC was.