LenDale White doesn't hold back about the Big Ten's history against USC football

LenDale White, Adoree' Jackson, USC Football, USC Trojans
LenDale White, Adoree' Jackson, USC Football, USC Trojans / Mark J. Rebilas-USA TODAY Sports

When LenDale White played for USC football, he lit up the Big Ten like a Christmas tree. He put a hurting on Michigan in the 2003-2004 Rose Bowl and won a National Championship because of it.

It's not just when White played for USC football though, it was every year under Pete Carroll that SC lit up the Big Ten like a Christmas tree. Carroll played against the Big Ten in five New Year's Six Bowl Games, and won every one of them. Obviously, one of them was for a Natty in the 2003-2004 Rose Bowl.

The closest game was decided by 14(!) points. He also played Ohio State twice in the regular season, and won both times. One of the times, he even blew them out 35-3. He also played Nebraska twice, who is now in the Big Ten, and blew the doors off of them. Do the math: That's 9-0 against the Big Ten.

Now, USC has an elite coach again, and for the first time since Carroll was here. It's only right that SC moves into the Big Ten when they were likely going to be competing against them in many Rose Bowls anyways now that Lincoln Riley is here.

And if history tells anyone anything, it's that SC dominates the Big Ten when they have a great head coach. White circled back to that, and had to remind everyone of just how successful SC has been against the Big Ten on Twitter:

LenDale White could not be more correct about how USC football has "been kickin' (the Big Ten)'s a--."

It wasn't just LenDale White's era, or even Carroll's era as a whole, that had success against the Big Ten, but even the post-Carroll era. SC, despite being coached horribly since Carroll has left, has a winning record against the Big Ten in the post-Caroll era.

Heck, they even beat Penn State in the Rose Bowl with CLAY HELTON as the head coach. Of course, people are going to be mad at White's tweet, but the facts back it up. SC has 25 Rose Bowl wins, which is 17 more than the next teams (Michigan and Ohio State tied with eight). It hasn't even been a competition.

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USC has 11 titles, and nobody in the Big Ten is even at double-digits except for Michigan who hasn't won one since 1997 and only has one in the last 73(!) seasons. Did White surely ruffle some feathers? Yes, he probably did. Is what he's saying rooted in truth and nothing but the truth, however? Absolutely.