USC football: The Caleb Williams/Jordan Addison connection is nonstop

Jordan Addison, USC Football, USC Trojans
Jordan Addison, USC Football, USC Trojans / Kirby Lee-USA TODAY Sports

USC football showed up to Stanford Stadium and immediately put the Caleb Williams to Jordan Addison connection to work for two scores before the first quarter was even over. One of them was for 22 yards, and was on the third drive of the game for USC to put the Trojans up 14-0. That one was a beauty. Here's the first look at that Williams to Addison connection:

Addison weaved his way through the defense like it was nothing. It looked like he was walking his way to the end zone. The next drive, though, it was both an absurd touchdown run after the catch from Addison, but also an absolute DIME from Williams for a 75(!)-yard touchdown connection. The two clearly seem to love playing together:

This is exactly why these two wanted to ball with each other. They grew up together in the D.C.-Maryland-Virginia (DMV) region, and had an already existing connection. It's not hard to see that when watching them play together on Saturdays. Last week, the two connected for a team-high five times. Two of those connections were for scores; the two pass touchdowns of the game for the Trojans.

Caleb Williams and Jordan Addison continued that momentum for USC football early at Stanford in Week 2.

Caleb Williams and Jordan Addison connected four times for 109 yards and two scores before the first half was even over for USC football. The two know what they have in each other, and trust in each other. It makes perfect sense, as both are top three players in the nation at their positions. Heck, Addison is coming off of a Biletnikoff-winning season. He's the best in the nation at his position.

The two are clearly enjoying their time with their new programs, as neither was obviously with SC last year. Williams of course was with Oklahoma, and Addison with Pitt.

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Their connection from prior to college clearly has helped them get acclimated to each other as a QB1-WR1 duo. And how good they are at football has helped them get acclimated to playing for a winning offense. USC leads 35-14 with 0:51 left in the first half, currently. Five drives, five touchdowns for this new-look Trojan offense.