Pitt radio host who wants to "blow up Coliseum" comes for Jordan Addison's family

Jordan Addison, USC Trojans, USC Football
Jordan Addison, USC Trojans, USC Football / Mark Konezny-USA TODAY Sports

Recently, Pittsburgh radio host Andrew Fillipponi went off on Jordan Addison and USC football in an over 18 and a half minute rant where he most notably said "if I saw Lincoln Riley, I would pick him up over my head … and slam his ass" and that "I want them to blow up the L.A. Coliseum. I want them to disband their college football program.”

He followed that up three days later with an odd tweet where he rips Addison's family for wearing USC gear. No, really. He did. Apparently, it's a huge issue if his family wears clothes with logos of the football team their son/brother/cousin/etc plays for. He actually said this right here:

It's very odd as to why he'd "love to have seen former coaches and players' reactions." (He forgot the apostrophe on "players'" so I added it for him.) Would former players and coaches have been angry...that Addison's family supports their own family member? I have no idea how Fillipponi does not know how families work. It's incredibly standard practice to support the people within one's family.

Perhaps Fillipponi doesn't have a relationship with his family. That's completely fine--there is nothing wrong with that. Even if that's the case, though, it's still very odd to not know that many families choose to support their fellow family members. I don't know why this needs to be said, but typically when someone in one's family joins a football team, his family members choose to root for their family member on that football team.

Andrew Fillipponi is clearly still mad that Jordan Addison left Pitt for USC football in the transfer portal.

Some media members that cover USC football expressed how ridiculous they felt this comment about Jordan Addison's family was. Ryan Abraham of USCfootball.com put hilarious sarcasm on display when responding to Andrew Fillipponi's complaint:

Ryan Young of TrojanSports.com even compared Fillipponi to an Oklahoma fan. Obviously the context is that OU fans still can't get over losing Lincoln Riley, Caleb Williams, Mario Williams, and Latrell McCutchin to USC.

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It's an interesting debate, because Fillipponi truly has gone the distance when it comes to his USC hate. Addison is moving out of Pittsburgh, but he clearly still has a home there. Fillipponi continues to offer him real estate in his head, and he's apparently not even charging rent. Addison is a lucky kid.