PFF stays noticing Justin Dedich's rapid development with USC Football

Caleb Williams, Justin Dedich, USC Football, USC Trojans
Caleb Williams, Justin Dedich, USC Football, USC Trojans / Ezra Shaw/GettyImages

USC Football's starting Right Guard, Justin Dedich, has really excelled this season as a day one, full-time starter. Trojan fans knew he would; as he performed very well last season too, whenever he got the chance. PFF noticed him, ranking him as the third-highest graded guard in the Pac-12.

This year, he has received some very high PFF grades too, and was just honored by PFF as the top right guard in the country for this past week:

He is now the third-highest graded guard in the Pac-12 again this season, posting a 76.2 grade this year. It's rather remarkable, and particularly remarkable when considering how he wasn't even a guard coming out of high school. He was recruited as a center, and has played center at SC too.

This versatility bodes perfectly for next year, when he'll be able to strengthen his already strong NFL Draft tape by moving back to his old position. He was already performing just fine there, and will be better when he makes the transition. Dedich is particularly strong in his run blocking, and his leadership qualities. He was selected as a captain for a reason this season.

Justin Dedich has also been a weight room warrior for the USC Football program.

Justin Dedich has been recorded to have repped over 400 pounds easily on squats in the USC Football weight room, and has also been recorded pulling an actual semi-truck with his own body. It was another part of why he was due for a big season this year. He proved it when going up against a very talented D-Line for Utah this week.

He was a big part of the reason why USC ran for 175 yards on a 6.5(!) yards per carry average. The line was cooking in general; paving the way for the offense to rack up 42 points and 556 total yards. It goes to show that the offense can perform at an elite level in any game.

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They not only have the QB and skill position players to do it, but they also have a line that can allow for that QB and those skill position players to be able to produce at their highest levels.