Oklahoma governor gets cooked on Twitter for cringe take on Lincoln Riley's departure

Nov 29, 2021; Los Angeles, CA, USA; Lincoln Riley, USC Football
Nov 29, 2021; Los Angeles, CA, USA; Lincoln Riley, USC Football / Kirby Lee-USA TODAY Sports

Lincoln Riley was said to have moved to Los Angeles to coach the USC football team, but it appears that he actually still has some real estate up in Oklahoma fans' heads.

As all USC fans know at this point, OU fans are still obsessed with trying to explain to us that Riley is actually a pretty terrible football coach, and the only reason he had the success he did in Norman was because he was handed the keys to a Ferrari that Bob Stoops had built up for him. Of course, this makes no sense, as Stoops missed the playoff in his three chances, and as soon as Riley took over, OU made the playoff in their next three chances.

Coaching up back-to-back Heisman winners, Riley proved that he too is a top-tier coach. Regardless, Oklahoma Governor Kevin Stitt delivered perhaps the most insane take surrounding Riley's departure yet. Even worse than when Oklahoma named a fraction of a highway after him because he "betrayed Oklahoma" by leaving Norman or whatever their delusional take is.

Many people understandably had no idea how this shot at USC Football Head Coach Lincoln Riley made any sense.

I mean, yes, literally everyone can imagine Lincoln Riley leaving a place like Norman, Oklahoma for a place like Southern California. Is there anything one can't do in Southern California? There's some of the best and most iconic beaches in the country there, one of the most iconic downtown areas in the world, tons and tons of beautiful mountains and hikes to go on, famous stars literally all around you, and you can even go make a day trip to some slopes and go skiing.

The dining is about as extensive as it gets in the entire world, the diversity and culture is literally endless. There's truly nothing you can't do in southern California.

While I'm not like Oklahoma fans and take weird, random shots at places people live that I've clearly never been to, I will say that there is objectively much less to do in Norman. I have no issue with Norman, but there is objectively a much lesser variety of things to do and experiences to be had in Norman.

They don't have any of the above things I've listed that LA has. I believe they do have beautiful hikes, but that's it when it comes to what they have in common with LA. We've got islands, the kids will have every amusement park that exists, and we have four more national championships than Norman.

Riley has really scarred Sooner fans, but I'm sure they'll get over it one of these days. The day before Stitt said this, Oklahoma State fans used Lincoln Riley to troll Oklahoma, and it was brutal for Sooner nation. I'm sure that had something to do with this comment.

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Eventually, the fans in Norman will come to their senses, and get over the breakup one of these days.