Oklahoma State fans use USC HC Lincoln Riley to deliver epic troll against Oklahoma

Lincoln Riley, USC football

When Lincoln Riley left the Oklahoma football program for a better job with the USC football program, OU fans took it hard.

They still are trying to convince USC fans that Riley actually sucks, isn't "the guy," is actually just an average coach, he was just handed the keys to a ferrari, and a bunch of other nonsense. Of course, it is indeed nonsense, as for the first three years of the College Football Playoff (which were the last three years before Riley was the head coach at OU) Oklahoma didn't make it (and even finished unranked one year), and in the first three years of Riley being the head coach there they made the playoff every single season.

OU fans are still trying to patrol the internet and tell everyone that he actually sucks, and have even gone as far as naming part of a highway after him to remember him "giving up" on the program (or whatever they say). Oklahoma State fans share the same state of course, and know how angry their rivals still are about the whole Riley situation. They went forward and trolled them about as hard as possible:

Oklahoma State fans used the simple image of USC Football Head Coach Lincoln Riley to piss off Oklahoma.

I can't even imagine how steamed Oklahoma fans were when they looked up and saw Lincoln Riley, who they claim was so unethical by coming to USC. They also have even more of an issue with a few outstanding OU players coming over to SC as well. It's even funnier when they try to say that Caleb Williams, who averaged over 9 yards per pass attempt in just his true freshman season last year to go along with a 5.6 yards per carry average, is not "the guy" and that SC fans are getting excited for nothing.

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They say he shrinks in big moments, despite him literally carrying them to their Red River victory in his first meaningful taste of college football action. I really can't even imagine how much seeing Riley used in a troll like that has to make their blood boil.

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What's got to be even worse for OU fans is the fact that the Oklahoma State fans also started a "USC" chant at the game. I did expect OKST to win, and they did. I had no idea that they were this dominant at the troll game, however, and think that every student section in the nation has a thing or two to learn from what went on in Stillwater this weekend.