Legendary USC QB tells chilling story about Coliseum on The Herd with Colin Cowherd

Mark Sanchez, USC Football, USC Trojans
Mark Sanchez, USC Football, USC Trojans / Gary A. Vasquez-USA TODAY Sports

USC football legend Mark Sanchez recently went on FS1 broadcaster and USC diehard Colin Cowherd's TV show as a guest. Sanchez talked football at length with Cowherd, but Cowherd just kept coming back to USC.

Cowherd is just as excited as all of the fans reading this when it comes to the Lincoln Riley era, and had to get the most out of another chance to speak to the great USC QB.

He certainly did get the most out of him. The best part of the discussion was when Sanchez told Cowherd a story about how sacred the Coliseum is to college football and the players that went through this great program:

Mark Sanchez's chilling story on Colin Cowherd's show has USC football fans ready to run through a brick wall.

Mark Sanchez's story isn't just a story where he talks up his alma mater in USC. He's speaking facts about how important what's gone on within the walls of the Coli truly is, and how the field needs to be treated as how sacred it is and has always been. The importance of the Coliseum is as great as any college football stadium in the game.

As Sanchez has stated, it's not just football that makes the place historic. It's one of the most historic venues in the entire world. It needs to be treated as such. Troy hasn't felt like Troy these past few years, which is why it's so important SC hires a coach who understands what the true tradition is here.

They certainly have that with Riley at the helm, and he should maybe take a page out of Pete Carroll's recruiting handbook after hearing how he recruited Sanchez. That being said, Riley has already proven in his career that he can recruit players like Sanchez consistently.

He brought Caleb Williams to OU, and since secured a transfer from him to USC. Williams is a similar performer to Sanchez, averaging 9.1 yards per pass attempt (Sanchez had 8.8 yards per pass attempt) and averaging 10.2 adjusted yards per pass attempt (Sanchez had 9.4 adjusted yards per pass attempt).

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SC fans have been spoiled with great QBs like Sanchez for over 20 years in a row now. Now that they secured yet another with Williams, and finally have a USC-level head coach again, college football fans are sure to soon remember just how special our stadium is.