Diehard USC football fan Colin Cowherd plans on new surprise for Trojans fans

USC Football, Ed Orgeron, Colin Cowherd
USC Football, Ed Orgeron, Colin Cowherd / Jerod Harris/GettyImages

Diehard USC football fanatic Colin Cowherd has recently announced that he is interested in making a new Trojan football podcast on his new podcast network--The Volume:

Cowherd has said in the past that he, like myself and many of you, is obsessed with recruiting news. He'd be a great host for a USC football recruiting podcast, and/or a USC podcast in general. Cowherd talks USC football on his morning show whenever he can, and drops in comments about his fandom all the time.

He's clearly itching to do this, and I'd love more USC representation in terms of national coverage from an LA sportscaster. How many teams have one of the very biggest sportscasters hosting their own podcast on a major network solely about their team? Well, nobody. Even the die-hard Maryland fan Scott Van Pelt doesn't have a Terps podcast, even the die-hard Northwestern fan Michael Wilbon doesn't have a Wildcats podcast, and even the die-hard Miami fan Joy Taylor doesn't have a Canes pod.

Colin Cowherd would put USC football right into the national media spotlight.

USC football is already a nationally relevant program. This offseason proves that. Nobody in the national media has been able to stop talking about SC, and our QB Caleb Williams was literally interviewed on Good Morning America.... Cowherd highlighting what our program is doing on a podcast would be such great exposure for the kids.

Can you imagine the type of guests he'd have on this proposed podcast? He already got former USC Head Coach Ed Orgeron on his regular podcast recently. Imagine the type of guests he'd have on a USC pod. He consistently has former USC stud QB Mark Sanchez on his FS1 show, and he's had Lincoln Riley on plenty of times.

I mean...Cowherd already has a suitor for a co-host if he wants one, in fan-favorite SC safety alum and current USC radio broadcaster Su'a Cravens:

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No matter how it goes down, this podcast would be a hit. It won't be as good as Reign Of Troy radio, but it will still be pretty great. We're in a new era of USC football, and it has about as much potential as any program ever has. The excitement around this program only keeps growing, and it's reaching the absolute top of the sports media ladder.