Lane Kiffin hilariously gives Caleb Williams advice after viral blooper video drops

Lane Kiffin, USC Football
Lane Kiffin, USC Football / Christian Petersen/GettyImages

When Caleb Williams missed the entrance to the practice field on the first day of spring football, USC football twitter all laughed with Williams once the video of it dropped online. It was entertaining to me as well, as it seemed like something I would do.

The next day, however, ex-USC Trojans Head Coach Lane Kiffin got ahold of the situation. He knows the program out here very well of course, having been the tight ends coach here for a year, then the receivers coach here for two years, adding the passing game coordinator title the next year, and upgrading from the PGC to the offensive coordinator for the next couple of years, before he came back in 2010 to be SC's head coach for three seasons and part of a fourth. He knows the campus well, and decided to give Williams a little advice on how to navigate himself around here:

Kiffin truly is quite the Twitter comedian. Not only has he seemed to become a better coach as of late, but his comedic value only seems to increase as time passes. Williams appreciated the comment, and let him know that he will absolutely be nailing Kiffin's advice in the future:

Lane Kiffin would probably love to coach a player like new USC Football QB Caleb Williams.

If Lane Kiffin's past tenure as USC Football Head Coach went a little better, there's a good shot that he'd still be the coach here. He was a candidate to return as head coach again this offseason, as he is doing well at Ole Miss these days. SC went with the better coach in Lincoln Riley of course, who also would be great with Williams.

In fact, we already know this, as Riley was obviously Williams' head coach last year at OU, and coached Williams up to being the leading Heisman favorite at one point in the year despite Williams not even being the starter until the second half of the season. He had 27 total touchdowns without even starting until that second half.

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Williams is about to go off in 2022, as he already established quite the baseline level of performance last season at Oklahoma. In Year 2 in what is the best offensive system in the nation, expect big things from the new bright signal-caller in town.